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Must-see Goal: Edinson Cavani

EdinsonCavaniUruguay1-ItalyConfederationsCup (Getty)



  1. Well, its a good free kick, no doubt. But to the keeper: why even set up a wall if you aren’t going to cover the opposite post? All the wall does is screen you if you set it up on the near post, and then cover the middle of the goal. Let the wall do its job on the near post, cover the far post, and you probably make the save.

    • It was pretty much unstoppable. It wouldn’t matter who was in that wall, it was going in. That said, I never find free kicks that impressive. It not that they are easy. Its just that nothing is really happening.

      • So was Jordan’s wall not set up right or did it really curve that much? Looked like it was 2-3 feet outside the wall and then curved back in.

        If the wall was properly placed than yeah, nothing anyone could do to stop that.

        Also impressive is to hear the crowd go “oooof” when the goal goes in and then silence. Cool video.

    • I think he did it against a big team like Italy in a sort of big stage called Confederations Cup. He does not need to prove anything to you.

    • Not really sure what you are talking about. How could the shot have been any better ? maybe touch a fan’s nose as it bent back into the absolute upper 90 ?


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