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Arena signs multi-year extension with Galaxy

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There is apparently no end in sight to Bruce Arena’s stay in Los Angeles.

The Galaxy announced on Thursday that they have signed Arena, their head coach and general manager, to a multi-year contract extension. Arena has led the club to two MLS Cup victories since taking over the reigns in LA back in 2008, and has compiled an 82-46-44 regular-season record.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“We are very pleased to sign Bruce Arena to a multi-year contract extension,” said Dan Beckerman, president and CEO of AEG. “Bruce is one of the finest coaches in the history of soccer in the United States. His commitment to the LA Galaxy, the club’s winning tradition and continued excellence on and off the field is unrivaled. We look forward to the team’s continued success under Bruce’s management.”

Arena has guided the Galaxy to three MLS Cup finals in his six seasons in charge, winning titles in 2011 and 2012. The 62-year-old coach, the first manager in MLS history to win four MLS Cup titles, also led LA as it claimed the Supporters’ Shield in 2010 and 2011.

“I’m honored to remain in this role with the preeminent soccer club in the United States,” said Arena. “I appreciate the continued support and confidence from Mr. Anschutz, Mr. Beckerman, Chris Klein and my staff and players as we head into the 2014 season.”


Happy to see the Galaxy sticking with Arena? Do you see LA returning to the MLS Cup final this season? What do you think is his biggest accomplishment thus far with the Galaxy?

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  1. Thrilled to have Arena stick around. Look at that record. Those kind of results are unheard of in professional coaching. I’ll take his style of play over most of the teams in the MLS. If you think he’s predictable, well, at least he tries to play with style and grace rather than the thug-ball so many MLS teams employ.

  2. He is a fantastic coach. The extension is well-deserved. I wish we could have gotten him back at DC United when he left the USMNT.

  3. the critics love to go after Bruce. if you watch MLS and don’t believe the Galaxy are and have been an entertaining watch over the years that’s on you. He has shown how to tweak his teams to accentuate its players–see how the team has changed its approach from Beckham to Keane for example.They go after it on the road and play to win, hardly a boring team to enjoy in their approach, and not the simpleton understanding altho Arena does have his core values, like any coach. and he wins.

    looking forward to seeing if Samuel can make a difference right away

  4. More Arena ball for awhile now. I would like to see the Galaxy have a different approach and philosophy to the game. Tired of the pass it wide and cross it to one forward surrounded by 4 defenders. Over and over. Can you do it Arena? Are you progressive Arena? In American football the idea is to pass or run with the ball into the endzone. In soccer the idea is to run with the ball or pass the ball to a player in the penalty area. Review Portland. Review the World.

    • you’re right, the times are passing him by, he wasn’t won the MLS Cup in… oh right, 2 years.

      Portland has done nothing in the league, I’m not sure why Arena would want to follow their lead, he’s got a good thing going.

      • The Galaxy won there cups with every team nearly playing the same way…Arena was a step or two ahead of most clones.

  5. makes sense but did he ever get any good offers for coaching overseas? or say from a club in Mexico?

    Imagine if he was the coach of the Honduras National Team and helped them qualify for the world cup last year. that would be good for future US coaches

  6. Bruce Arena is 62. At this point in his life, he probably doesn’t want to deal with all of the hassles involved with coaching overseas. Besides, Arena wouldn’t have the power overseas than he does with the Galaxy. Bradley is 56 or 57, I believe. It’s only five or six years but that *can* make a difference.

  7. why hasn’t he coached in Mexico or Scandinavia or been given a chance to lead Costa Rica or Honduras to the NT?

    i imagine he probably gets a million a year which isn’t bad but we need him like Bob Bradley coaching overseas.

    • I suppose you basically answered your own question, in part. (1) I suppose he gets paid quite a large sum — I wouldn’t be surprised that it would be over a million; (2) his entire family is here and at his age (62), he is probably happy with his current situation; (3) it was no secret that Arena was trying to get a job in Europe years ago, but no one was biting. based on what he has accomplished I seriously doubt he wants to start at the 2nd tier of Denmark or Mexico.

      Keep in mind, getting a head coaching job is very difficult. He would have to network very hard to get it and probably take less money. Not to mention put himself in a very precarious spot. At some point in your life, you want to relax and enjoy.

  8. bruce arena cant win outside MLS and galaxy need to start developing someone under him, so galaxy can have someone better than bruce arena. he needs to prove himself so much more.

    • The Galaxy have phenomenal infrastructure; from youth teams straight through head coach/manager. If you look at their organizational chart and the number of alums you have there, the will be fine. Worse comes to worse, they can woo someone from another team and sell the organization as well as pay check.

    • LoL c’mon now El Paso… Easy to sit on a pretty high soap box judging another man’s life and career from afar. I can’t say for sure, but… I’m guessing you are not on the list of people Bruce Arena needs to answer to, or prove himself to, yeah? I understand this is the bizarre never never land of internet commentary, but I mean honestly… do you even remotely hold yourself to the same “World Class” standard you do Bruce Arena? Course not. Since he’s employed in MLS and been very successful there, he has proven everything he needs to, to who he needs to… his current employer. It seems he is quite happy working there considering he just renewed a long term deal. He certainly has every reason to be living a rather nice standard of living doing something I assume he loves for a very good organization. We all could only hope to be so lucky. Cheers.

    • Arena’s current and former assistants are like an all star list of American coaches. He is doing just fine. I assume Curt Onalfo is high on the list for the Galaxy/other teams as he is taking over Galaxy II and had been offered the CUSA job

    • LA should sign Mourinho and send Bruce off to the billygoats next door. In fact, the way he looks all alone on that grass field in the above pic sort of already reminds me of a billygoat.


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