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Monday Kickoff: Spanish federation challenges 2022 winter World Cup; Jara suspended from Copa America; and more

The Khalifa International Stadium, set to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, on Jan 9 2014 in Doha, Qatar - Photograph by Lars Baron/Getty Images

The Khalifa International Stadium, set to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, on Jan 9 2014 in Doha, Qatar - Photograph by Lars Baron/Getty Images



One of Europe’s top federations has finally stepped up to challenge the idea of a winter World Cup.

The Spanish League (LFP) has filed an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport that challenges FIFA’s decision to move the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to November-December. With the appeal, the LFP becomes the first league to actively oppose the idea of a winter World Cup, although a hearing date has yet to be set.

If FIFA was to go through with the proposed dates, which were approved by the Executive Committee back in March, domestic leagues in Europe and other parts of the world would shut down for eight weeks while being forced to implement more summer fixtures.

FIFA rejected a proposal from European clubs and leagues to play the tournament in May-June.

Here are some more news and notes to kick off your Monday morning:


Gonzalo Jara’s Copa America has come to a conclusion as details have come to light regarding his incident with Edinson Cavani.

The Chile defender has been handed a three-game suspension by South America’s governing body, ruling Jara out for the rest of the tournament. Jara’s suspension stems from an incident that saw the Chile defender push his finger into Cavani’s backside before feigning injury when the Uruguay star placed his hand on the Chilean’s face.

Jara, who was previously involved in an incident in 2013 that saw Luis Suarez provoked into a red card, has been accused of making comments regarding Cavani’s father, who was arrested last week after being involved in a fatal car crash.

“Not only did Jara touch Cavani as we saw in the pictures, but he also said something about what had happened the previous day,” said Uruguay assistant Mario Rebollo . “He said that Cavani’s father was going to get 20 years [in prison].”

Jara’s Chile returns to action Monday in a semifinal matchup with underdog Peru.


For decades, Brazil has been one of the most successful countries in the world when it comes to winning tournaments.

But head coach Dunga is downplaying the Selecao’s elimination at the Copa America.

In the aftermath of another early elimination, Dunga said that the South American tournament used to be considered”worthless” and added that the only competition that the country really cares for is the World Cup.

The Selecao were eliminated in the quarterfinals on Saturday in penalty kicks after a 1-1 draw with underdog Paraguay.

“Brazil went 40 years without the Copa America [1949 to 1989] and we continued winning elsewhere,” Dunga said. “Then we started to win the Copa America [five titles since 1989] and we were told it was worthless, that what really matters is the World Cup.

“When we played in the Confederations Cup and won that, we were also told it was worthless. Now the press has decided the Copa America is worth something. Football is just like this.”


Chinese Super League side Shanghai SIPG has reportedly made an offer for Ghana star Asamoah Gyan. (REPORT)

Sevilla’s Carlos Bacca is set to join AC Milan. (REPORT)

Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed to an image rights deal with Valencia owner Peter Lim to further his brand in Asia. (REPORT)

Nathaniel Clyne is reportedly set to undergo a medical with Liverpool ahead of finalizing a move away from Southampton. (REPORT)

What do you expect from the Spanish federation’s decision to challenge FIFA? Is Jara’s punishment fitting? Does Dunga’s statement have any legitimacy?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. it was not so much the abused by Jarra but the ejection of Cavanni because of it, leaving his country down to 10 players…

    in light of this incident why is the Campbell and Besler case in the 2014 WCQ any different? Besler got an undeserved yellow card that prevented him to play the next game due to card accumulations.
    do you think Conmebol is bad? Concacaf is a joke, the US needs to end the caribbean control of the confederation.

  2. “FIFA rejected a proposal from European clubs and leagues to play the tournament in May-June.”

    here’s the thing…FIFA only has power because FAs agree to be a part of it. as a result, FIFA now thinks football cannot exist without it, when, in fact, it’s the exact opposite. FIFA’s power is not real when it’s all said and done. if there was a “revolution” and everyone left FIFA, FIFA can try to fine them all they want but if no one recognizes FIFA as a legit Government of football, who is going to enforce it? easier said than done, but it’s true.

    FIFA keeps on making these decisions that benefit FIFA and only FIFA. even when leagues go through FIFA-approved channels to appeal a decision, they are shut down because FIFA is in charge of those decisions. hopefully the CoA for Sport sides with the LFP.

  3. Brazil needs to build a team, not a selection of names. They have talent, but seem to lack the chemistry guys who will be the grinders and the glue when the going gets tough.

  4. This whole copa america has been bizarre. Also, to top it off, the ref (Ricci) that was sanctioned right after the finger incident and wasn’t supposed to work a game the rest of the tournament is now refereeing the Arg – Par game….?!?!?.
    Diego’s Maradoughnuts, you’re right. The USA may have ways to go, but at least it seems it’s heading in the right direction.

  5. Meanwhile, england, arguably the greatest footballing nation on earth, has not had a WC since about 1960.

    What is going on in the FIFA front office? Accepting bribes from oil rich businessmen from qatar? How else to explain this???

    • Not questioning the rampant corruption at FIFA, but to be fair, England did not lose to Qatar, but to Russia. England bid for WC2018, Qatar bid for WC2022.

  6. Faulty premise: let’s hold the 2022 WC in qatar.
    Faulty conclusion: let’s reschedule the 2022 WC for november/december.

  7. Dunga needs to go. Unfortunately, if he does, Brasil will just recycle some other coach that they can control. In reality, the entire CFB needs to go.

    • You nailed it on the second part. Dunga is not a great coach but the problems in Brazil run way, way deeper than him. Looking at the shape that they are in on the Senior (men’s and women’s) and Youth levels, all one can see is a national team platform that is deteriorating into irrelevance faster than the armada of ill-conceived stadiums they built for last summer’s World Cup. A total nosedive on all fronts, and it’s not hard to see why when you look at the disarray from the top of the CFB on down.

      Brazil will always produce its share of great individual talents, and as such they always have the potential to turn things around. But the way things are going down there, all I can think of is how happy I am to be a US Soccer fan. We may have a ways left to go in our development, but it sure feels good to know we are heading in the right direction.

      • The only way I see the CFB being overhauled is if they fail to make a World Cup. And by the way they’ve been playing the last few years, that’s not entirely implausible.

  8. I wouldn’t mind a little Lex Talionis here. Cavani ought to be permitted to smash Jara’s offending finger with a hammer. That might put a stop to these kind of shenanigans once and for all.

  9. Dunga already coming out with the excuses. What was Brazil’s excuse in the recent World Cup then.? No ine fears Brazil anymore especially w/o Neymar.

    Jara is a disgrace! Enough said!


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