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Cyle Larin spotted training with Besiktas after skipping first day of Orlando City preseason

The transfer drama surrounding Cyle Larin is getting even crazier as it doesn’t look like the striker will be showing up to the club’s preseason camp any time soon.

After skipping out on Orlando City practice on Monday, Larin was spotted in Turkey training with his potential new club Besiktas. Turkish media outlet Kartal Analiz has video of the Canadian taking part in drills with the club.

No transfer has been agreed upon between MLS and Besiktas and all reports indicate he is still a member of the team.

Head coach Jason Kreis certainly thought he would be at practice yesterday, saying, “First and foremost, Cyle is a contracted [Orlando City] player. He was supposed to be here. Whether or not there will be repercussions for not being here is a little above my pay grade.”


  1. Besiktas is in the last 16 of the Champions League…
    Hmm, CL football v. MLS, where everybody makes the playoffs, and gets a cookie, and noone gets relegated (unless, of course, you are Columbus Crew, and Don decides to move you)…if these players want to challenge themselves and develop as footballers they need to gtfo of MLS.

  2. Anyway you take it, That Larin is good for nothing : Bad ball control , low IQ ( football/soccer) , BBS, ( big,bad and stupid) and he likes to party, So : hummm Alcohol its a no-no in a muslin country…Good luck Larin..

  3. All I know is that this will probably end up like the recent situations with Fabian, Camillo, and others. What hurts the league in cases such as this is the single entity structure, along with FIFA not getting involved in how US Soccer and MLS handles this part of the business. Likely outcome: Besitktas will end up paying some sort of transfer fee that MLS will not want to, but will ultimately accept just to bring about a resolution. Larin won’t be in Orlando any time soon,..

    • Keep waiting and at the same time learn a little more about football/soccer. You sounds like a little a.h. just a little one…that is more than a real one…

  4. Here is the gig. Orlando owns his rights. If they don’t come to an agreement to sell those…. and they haven’t…..How is he with a Turkish club? For free? He isn’t worth anything? Like the contract he signed I guess?

    Insane to have the viewpoint that some Turkish club can break the rules…and 100% they are breaking the rules…just because some guys want MLS to be a selling league. MLS teams will NOT be selling teams like the “rest of the world”, teams are trying to win championships. They will sell when it helps them win championships.

    • Mls needs to stop ignoring players grow then want to compete at higher level to test themselves against the best. Happens to all clubs, players hears rumors then wants the move. Make money on the sale before contract is up(court of arbitration won’t give clubs rights on option year and sees those options as two way mutual options at the Tim of the option mot at original signing, precedent is already set on this). Should have sold him last year.

      • What the hell is a two-Way option? please explain to me why it would ever make sense to include such an option?

        How come no one has a problem with an option to buy a player after a loan or better yet – an option to buy a player back for a certain price after you sold him?

        This whole “MLS needs to help players move to a higher level” makes no sense. It only makes sense if you don’t like or don’t care about MLS. Besides, MLS it totally fine selling players now as long as paid value is fair (Miazga, Castillo, Gonzalez, Costa Rica’s Gonzalez, Cameron, Ream, etc.. Everyone still wants to lowball the offers on MLS players or like in this case – to try to steal them.

  5. You would think MLS would have learned from the San Vezzo drama from few years ago. They are just asking for it by not removing option clauses.

    Why didn’t they just renew Larin’s contract then turn around and sell him with a transfer fee. Business is business.

    • It’s Besiktas that has to learn from Camillo case. Vancouver got paid in that case. Exercising an option is the same as signing a contract. Why should they pay Larin a higher salary than they have to?

      • If he is under contract, not based on options, then they would receive his full transfer value versus going through some arbitration process to get a fraction of his full value.

        IIRC, Vancouver got less than $2 Million for Camilo versus potentially more had he been under contract. His contract already expired but the club had options on him. Outside of North American sports, who uses or recognizes options? FIFA???

    • It doesn’t really matter what the rest of the world does or recognizes. This is not about purity and international acceptance. This is the type of contract that he signed with the league and I would be almost certain that it would prevail in the court of law. If it could be overurned just like this, the league would not be signing such contracts at all.

      In this case, the situation is actually even stronger in favor of the league, because early in 2017 he allegedly signed something that clarified his understanding of the option years

    • You don’t know what are you talking about : the options years are fifa valid and to the Sanvezzo case , the Mexican club ended paying the Whitecaps $ 2 million for the transfer of Sanvezzo….

    • Learn more about football/soccer and learn how the English team use the options on their every day business. Go to soccernet in England and you’ll see.

  6. Twellman, De Rosario, Chang all had offers to go overseas and MLS wouldn’t sell. !0 years laters Nagbe, Larin, Acosta, and Hamid same old same old. MLS needs to gets it head out of its ass and do business like the rest of the world. You can be a selling league and still be great. You can do what AtlUnited is looking to do and get it done both ways make money and use it to build your club to bigger and better things. Or you can continue to stick your head in the sand pretending soccer clubs work like the NFL, NBA or MLB with not real international competition for talent and hold players dreams of playing at higher levels hostage and get no money when they sign on a free either as a 18 year old or veteran.

    Atlanta is showing the rest of the league how the world works and making its team better, time for the rest of the franchises to catchup.

    • First of all, heck no. Orlando is a selling team if Orlando wants to be a selling team. They are trying to win a championship, UNLIKE the rest of the world of soccer.

      Second of all, Atlanta? Are you kidding me? That is your example? Atlanta REJECTED a trade for Almiron of $25 million. Not gave him up, because Joe Dirt thinks they should be a selling team.

      • Low ball on Alimron at 25MM. We’ll get more this summer thats why. Are you an Orlando fan, my bad good luck with that and no Kaka this year.

    • No I am not an Orlando fan. Sounders baby.

      So zero for one of the top finishers in MLS isn’t a lowball? That is what Orlando has been paid. And he is playing for a Turkish team.

    • Thanks for adding to the conversation Anthony. I will take ALL your viewpoints and facts on the defection into consideration.
      There is zero difference as to what happened in Almiron’s case and Larin’s case, except in Larin’s case a player and a team broke the rules and decided to not play Orlando. In Atlanta’s rejection the opposite happened.


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