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Former U.S. U-23 international Benji Joya signs with Irapuato FC

Benji Joya has not had the best start to his professional career to say the least.

The 24-year-old San Jose native has made 18 appearances since 2012, spending time on loan with MLS’ Chicago Fire and Liga MX outfit Club Necaxa.

Through that time he scored one goal with Chicago, making 12 appearances in the 2014 campaign.

Joya, a former U.S. international with the U-20 and U-23 sides had been without a club since 2016 after being let go from Sporting Kansas City.

However, after many months of waiting the midfielder has found himself a new team. Joya reportedly has joined Mexican third tier side Irapuato FC, according to his Twitter.

Joya is scheduled to join the club in training immediately. Irapuato is coming off a 5-4 victory over Cruz Azul Premier in their season opener back on Jan. 5th.


    • And how did you come to that conclusion doug?!? I’d think that he’s not in mls because he’s not good enough. He’s had two stints with different teams as well as having a chance to show his play to the rest of the league in that time and not one mls team came after him once let go by skc…but hey, it’s all good, keep talking nonsense, obviously you believe your own BS.

  1. This is why you have to be careful when people talk about prospects. A lot can go wrong. There is a HUGE difference between being a regular established player in a strong league (McKennie/Pulisic/J Gonzalez). Even if you make the bench a few times (e.g. Julian Green or Kyle Scott), most of those guys never live up to their potential.

    • yeeeppp. A few good performances at a youth tournament always seems to fool so many people into believing the player has already made it. Until a player is established as a professional they have not made it. Young players with talent and potential are a dime a dozen. There are many many many other traits, along with good fortune, needed to succeed as a top level pro.

  2. Man I remember the hype around this kid back in 2012. I never thought he’d be as good as some people were saying but I definitely thought he’d be better than the Mexican 3rd division.

    • Yeah looking at that 2013 U20 side. Really only Yedlins done anything, although Stanko is actually starting to get some minutes in the Bundesliga. Joya, Gil, Villareal have all just bounced around between MLS and Liga MX. not playing much in either.


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