Toronto FC shrug off Herrera's pregame comments after win over Club America

Toronto FC shrug off Herrera's pregame comments after win over Club America

CONCACAF Champions League

Toronto FC shrug off Herrera's pregame comments after win over Club America

Club America head coach Miguel Herrera took a few shots at MLS in the lead-in to his team’s CONCACAF Champions League semi-final showdown with Toronto FC,  but the home team didn’t allow his harsh words get in the way of their preparation for a big match.

“It is what it is,” said defender Drew Moor after the 3-1 TFC victory. “We don’t really use that as bulletin board material or anything.”

Moor, and other TFC players, were asked about Herrera’s pregame comments where he said he didn’t feel Liga MX should worry about competing with MLS.

“Our league is very solid, very strong and isn’t competing with MLS,” he said. “Our league competes with leagues in Europe, and obviously the MLS is wanting to catch the Mexican league to also compete with the leagues in Europe in the future.”

Liga MX has had a tougher go against their MLS foes in this edition of the CONCACAF Champions League than they have in the past. Two of the three Mexican clubs to come up against MLS opposition fell over the course of two legs, and now Club America are coming off a 3-1 defeat in Toronto on the heels of their coach’s words.

The comments were mostly brushed off by Toronto’s players, but that didn’t stop them from at least offering some form of counterpoint.

“I’m a fan of this league,” said Moor. “I think this league is very very good and moving in a very good direction. The fact that people are talking about MLS catching up to Liga MX is a good sign. He can say what he wants and we will see how the two legs go.”

Captain and midfielder Michael Bradley also weighed in a bit, questioning Herrera’s own belief in things he says.

“Herrera is a good coach, but he’s also full of personality and not afraid to say certain things,” he said after Tuesday’s win. “I’m not sure whether he even believes everything he says sometimes.”

But, in the end, he knows what’s said on the side is irrelevant. In fact, there’s only one thing that is, according to Bradley.

“Ultimately the only thing we care about is giving ourselves a chance to continue on and be the team holding up that trophy.”

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