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Adams, Wood, Yedlin among those added to USMNT following squad shakeup


Following the U.S. Men’s National Team’s 3-0 win over Bolivia, a total of 10 new faces will come in while seven have departed for a pair of European-based friendlies.

Tyler Adams, DeAndre Yedlin and Bobby Wood headline the list of 10 new faces set to join the USMNT for friendlies against Ireland and France. Goalkeepers Zack Steffen and William Yarbrough are also set to join the squad while Shaq Moore, Tim Parker, Luca de la Torre, Wil Trapp and Kenny Saief also join camp ahead of Saturday’s match in Ireland.

As for those departing, Christian Pulisic serves as the headliner after playing 89 minutes against Bolivia on Monday. He’s joined by Alex Bono, Alejandro Guido, Lynden Gooch, Ethan Horvath, Matt Olosunde and Walker Zimmerman as the roster now stands at 25.

“We’re excited about the chance to add some of the veterans from Europe as well as the younger guys in MLS who have been part of our group since November,” head coach Dave Sarachan said. “The games against Ireland and France will bring increasingly more difficult challenges, so we felt it was important to bring in some players that offer a bit more experience. These matches will provide another big development opportunity for these players who are growing in their international careers.”

The USMNT faces Ireland on Saturday in Dublin before taking on France on June 9 in Lyon.

Here’s a closer look at the USMNT squad:

GOALKEEPERS: Bill Hamid (Midtjylland/DEN; 5/0), Zack Steffen (Columbus Crew SC; 2/0), William Yarbrough (Club León/MEX; 3/0)

DEFENDERS: Cameron Carter-Vickers (Tottenham Hotspur/ENG; 2/0), Eric Lichaj (Nottingham Forest/ENG; 15/1), Matt Miazga (Chelsea/ENG; 5/1), Shaq Moore (Levante/ESP; 0/0), Erik Palmer-Brown (Manchester City/ENG; 1/0), Tim Parker (New York Red Bulls; 0/0), Antonee Robinson (Everton/ENG; 1/0), Jorge Villafaña (Santos Laguna/MEX; 17/0), DeAndre
Yedlin (Newcastle United/ENG; 50/0)

MIDFIELDERS: Tyler Adams (New York Red Bulls; 3/0), Joe Corona (Club Tijuana/MEX; 21/3), Luca de la Torre (Fulham/ENG; 0/0) Julian Green (Stuttgart/GER; 9/3), Weston McKennie (Schalke/GER; 2/1), Keaton Parks (Benfica/POR; 1/0), Rubio Rubin (Club Tijuana/MEX; 6/0), Kenny Saief (Anderlecht/BEL; 2/0), Wil Trapp (Columbus Crew SC; 4/0), Tim Weah (Paris Saint-Germain/FRA; 2/1)

FORWARDS: Andrija Novakovich (Reading/ENG; 2/0), Josh Sargent (Werder Bremen/GER; 1/1), Bobby Wood (Hamburg/GER; 37/11)


  1. Don’t frequent the comment sections as much as I did in years past…how long is been the Imperative Voice show?

  2. Overall not much to complain about with the call ups for the next 2 games. There’s still a couple of things I would have done differently…..
    1) Released Lichaj & Villafana. With the addition of Yedlin to the squad we don’t need a veteran presence at RB. Robinson showed well enough that I would prefer that he starts the next 2 games at LB over Villafana. Lets see what the kid can do as we raise the competition level.
    2) Should have kept Olosunde around as a back-up to Robinson. Would have been nice to see him tried on at LB for the last 20 minutes against Ireland. We could of then determine if Villafana was needed going forward.
    3) Released Corona. I was not impressed with his play against Bolivia and think there are better options we could try (Hyndman or Lletget). I just don’t see Corona contributing much going forward.
    4) Should have kept Gooch (if he didn’t get injured). With his release we’re a little thin at Right Midfield. He may have been a bit rusty, but there is something there that could contribute.
    5) I would not have called in De La Torre. IMO this is reaching too much at a position where we have a ton of options. I would have preferred to have seen either Hyndman or Lletget called up. Both are closer to contributing now, and both are young enough to contribute in 2022.
    6) I would not have called in Trapp. I just don’t think he adds anything to the team, and I don’t think he’s up to the task against top level competition. Since he was called up, I’m kind of hoping that he gets the start against France as the CDM in the 4-1-4-1, so everyone see’s him for what he is.

    • 1) Not much out there to replace those two with, could have kept Olosunde as you suggest 2) but he looked a little shaky on his regular right side not sure throwing him out there on the left against better competition would be helpful.
      3) Given other inclusions have to think Hyndman asked to stay home to prepare for next season.
      4) With Saief being brought in no reason to keep Gooch
      5) Gall over De la Torre, he’s in tremendous form and Swedish Allsvenskan is on a break for WC. See my reply to IV above for thoughts on Lletget.
      6) I think you are underestimating Trapp I watch him every week (so maybe I overvalue him because he’s vital to my team) he’s not a big destroyer DM like D Williams or a whirling dervish-like McKennie, but he gets in good positions and moves the ball quickly between lines. Will he ever be first choice for the USMNT extremely doubtful, but he will likely make the move to Europe at the end of this season when Crew moves to Austin, he just got his EU Passport through his grandfather so expect that news in January. (Denmark, Scotland, Sweden, not top 4). Will he struggle against France probably but so will just about everybody at the World Cup and certainly on our roster.

      • I thought Olosunde played fairly well. Granted it was weak competition, but he showed strength in possession & speed getting forward. He’s still RAW, but he showed enough to have remained (IMO). If you wanted to keep a veteran back I can understand. I just don’t see the point of keeping both Villafana & Lichaj.
        Trapp is a decent player but I think he tops off as Beckerman 2.0. If he goes abroad I see him being the next Perry Kitchen….rebounding back to MLS after a couple of frustrating years. Overall, I just don’t see him in the mix if everyone is healthy and in match shape. McKennie, Adams, K. Acosta are all younger options that are his equal or better at the CDM spot.
        I think all the midfield spots are going to be hotly contested going forward. Pulisic & McKennie are looking like locks (Inked in the 23). Then there’s Adams, Weah, Parks, Green, Saief & Rubin penciled in (based on club form/minutes). Rounding out the squad we’ve got Gall, Arriola, K. Acosta, Trapp, Gyau, Amon, Gooch, & Scott. We won’t really know what the preference is until we get a full-time manager and know his preferred formation.

      • Agree I don’t see much point of really focusing on any players until the new manager. Of course, there may be others breaking through in the next year or two as well. On May 29, 2017, did anyone think we’d be complaining about missing J Gone or that McKennie would be a lock in the starting line up? I would venture that no one on this site knew who Jonathan Amon was and less than 10% new where Romain Gall was playing. If his development continues I could see Chris Durkin breaking in quickly and Chris Mueller. If we can switch Efran Alvarez he could definitely be a young star before even turning 18. There are a lot of ifs in this, now we see who is interested in what Ernie Stewart has to offer.

  3. wow, i didn’t realize that we have so many guys playing in europe and in other countries.

    • I watched him all season with Hamburg. He was bad. Lost his confidence, and missed the few opportunities that he got. But maybe playing with some midfielders that can actually create and pass will reignite him. He has ability, we have seen that.

    • It appeared Gooch picked up a knock in injury time after his missed chance. Look like he tweaked ankle or foot, could be wrong have to watch last few mins again.

    • Gooch looked bad. I think people forget he was getting caps last cycle and wasn’t particularly memorable. Hustles but the service is meh. There is too much pure speed and technique coming in, and to me he harkens back to this last cycle of hard working players who actually aren’t great.

    • Bono played then got sent back, so I wouldn’t read too much into it. I think this is a more serious attempt at a GK callup.

  4. I’d have left off Villafana and brought back Zimmerman. Lichaj had the better game and could back up either wingback position, and then start Robinson and Yedlin.

    Meanwhile CB is a wide open spot and I’d want to see whether EPB or CCV are better than Miazga, Parker, and Zimmerman.

    I’m sure someone will come back how that last game was not an international date and we’re working with LAFC, but Bradley is an old US coach, and the next games are the ones we can demand. Little concerned at the dynamic where someone plays well and goes home but then Villafana doesn’t do squat and gets kept, more of this pecking order rubbish. We didn’t win in qualifying, it should revert to “performers play.’ You shouldn’t have to shove aside people who couldn’t make Russia, you should only have to outplay them.

    • Long term I want to see Yedlin replaced, to me, overrated, and I half want him to play because I want him publicly tested by a pair of good teams. He either puts up like people claim he’s turned a corner, or he gets exposed again and people wake up.

      • In case you haven’t noticed, Yedlin is frequently tested by the likes of Man U, Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Arsenal, all top teams.I think all of those teams are better than our competition in CONCACAF, including Mexico and CR. Barring injury, Yedlin should be a fixture at RB for at least the next 8 years.

      • Voice your comments against Yedlin to not seem to have a deep-rooted basis in reality. Like Gary Page said, I have seen him now countless times against very high quality opposition. He is a very good defender and remarkably consistent, if anything. His crossing needs work and he isn’t a goalscoring threat, which is perhaps why you don’t like him (?)

      • I think he’s an athletic player with speed to burn who is overrated on his attacking abilities — many of his crosses are shanked — and is naive on defense. I think Robinson that played last night, shows the real deal version of what people imagine Yedlin is.

        I also think some of this discussion is mindblowing because it’s like “I think he played well against x ergo he would have to be good for the USA.” He has zillions of caps, he should have “done it already.” I don’t see what you think you see. I see an interesting athlete who gets beat a fair amount.

    • Imperative doesn’t like Yedlin at all, thinks he is over rated. Whenever he is healthy, he starts for Newcastle. Hmm, who should we believe, Imperative Voice or Coach Rafa Benitez? And then there’s the fact that both Klinsmann and Arena penciled in Yedlin as a regular starter. Well, everybody has an opinion, and some are wrong.

  5. de la Torre hasn’t really impressed me much on youth teams and doesn’t really play for Fulham yet. Surely there’s someone else.

    • How about Lletget, who is young enough to be viable, and like Saief was dipping his toe in the team and got hurt. Lot better proven player who can handle the level of play and we need to see if he recovered.

      • Lletget started the last game for the Galaxy and seems recovered and back to full fitness. I think Hyndman could also be considered and I would have liked to see Kellyn Acosta added from MLS players.

      • My thing is I as a Fulham fan just got through watching that playoff final, in the second division, and he wasn’t playing, he wasn’t even dressed. And more to the point out of the list of kids they brought in, he also didn’t particularly blow my mind as a youth player either.

        I think Fossey made more of an impression from Fulham than him with the youth teams and no one proposes he be handed a cap.

        Hyndman is a decent idea. I wouldn’t bother with Acosta right now, to me, these games should be tryouts and palate cleansers. Acosta is part of the reason they missed out. I want to see them shop around and settle for Acosta only later. Honestly, with how that midfield looked, a lot of the incumbents are toast.

      • Lletget hasn’t really played that well yet this season also he scored 6 goals in his first 10 matches in MLS and has scored four in 60 since then and no assists in his last 17. Plus LAG may have asked that he stay given that both Dos Santos brothers are leaving. I know that reasoning annoys you, but leave a guy regaining form with his club so he can solidify a spot with his main competition gone isn’t a bad thing. It is also likely why Zimmerman was allowed to leave for Bolivia while LAFC still had Cimon and sent home for Ireland and France when Cimon was gone.
        The only factor Acosta had in the US not qualifying is Arena liked Bradley more than him. Given that “the Bruce” also liked Gonzalez over Cameron, and Arriola or Zusi over Chandler I’m not sure that’s an indication of fault. With Acosta on the field in the Hex the US outscored opponents 4-2. On the road where Acosta had 5 of his 6 appearances the US led 3-2 with him on the pitch and was outscored 7-1 with him on the bench. All this while trying to play through the groin injury that forced surgery this Winter. Also, he’s only 22 so not part of the lost generation.

    • But yet you want to bring in Kiesewetter, Wright, etc… who are literally exactly what you said about De La Torre. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t think De La Torre should be here either, but I am not getting your reasoning.

  6. I wish they’d used the opportunity to try some other forwards besides Novakovich. I know he and his family are popular TV, and he didn’t look bad, but he also didn’t really stand out or produce in his 2 caps so far. Give some other Europeans some minutes. Forward is a position in transition and I don’t think it does any favors to keep the pool small.

    • Morris, who went off boil, to see if he still has “it” and can handle the level.

      Aron Johannson, who is very good but got hurt, and is still young enough he could potentially contribute in 4 years.

      Someone like Manneh, Kiesewetter, Wright, Wooten, different, experimental.

      • Of your suggestions, I think Morris isn’t recovered yet from his injury, AJ seems perpetually injured, Kieswetter hasn’t even been playing in Bundesliga 2, Wright plays only occasionally in Bund. 2 and Wooten doesn’t seem to be doing much. Better would be Gall who has been scoring and Zardes who already has 8 goals with Columbus.

      • Seems perpetually injured is not the same thing as “is” injured. So does Jozy and that doesn’t stop us. To me it’s lame because when he was healthy he scored some huge goals, and he offers a technical approach to the position that is fairly unique.

        Sargent hasn’t even played a first team game yet so the inconsistent use of the “but he doesn’t play for…..” feels specious. Most of the people playing at this stage are experimental and perhaps little used by their teams. The whole idea right now is finding diamonds in the rough. I am uncomfortable stopping at Novakovich and his rare Reading appearances and random Holland home, and acting like that is all we need to look at.

        Keep shopping, and maybe if we find someone we can work something out where they transfer out and play more someplace else.

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