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Report: USMNT to open 2019 Gold Cup at Minnesota’s Allianz Field


The U.S. Men’s National Team’s first competitive match since missing the World Cup will reportedly be played in Minnesota.

With a formal announcement set for Tuesday, the U.S. is reportedly set to open the 2019 Gold Cup at Minnesota United’s Allianz Field on June 8, 2019, according to Sports Illustrated. The stadium is set to open in 2019, featuring a grass field and a seating capacity of 19,400.

The 2019 Gold Cup will be the first to feature 16 teams and will be the first to host several matches in Central America and the Caribbean.

As for the U.S.-based host cities, CONCACAF is set to announce venues throughout the week.


  1. Gold Cup is a joke, go play against South American opposition in Copa America, not against Barbados or Turks and Caicos…

  2. Good idea to kick the tires on Sota as the new go to MNT venue now that MLS has decided to murder the Crew

  3. The funny thing is the prior announcement was that other countries might share hosting, and that qualification would change, and without announcing the hosts, or the new qualifying process, voila (a) we’re in, before qualifying is even announced and (b) we host, even though the hosts aren’t named yet. Sorry if this sounds a little corrupt.

    I mean, imagine you are some country who hasn’t hosted and isn’t automatically in, who doesn’t know the hoops they will have to jump through and win to go, and the US is already leaking where its first game is in the first round of the tournament proper, where they will be hosts.

    • Actually, I doubt anybody besides you cares at all. Seriously — what kind of question is this? Of course the US is going to host games and qualify automatically. Probably the least shocking thing I’ve ever heard.

    • the six team in the 2017 hexagonal automatically qualify, so the US has qualified.

      concacaf annouced the qualifying procedures (concacaf nations league) back in february, so that also complete.

      so far we have Los Angeles, Minnesota, Arizona and Charlotte in as hosts.

    • thanks, imperative.

      “The CONCACAF Nations League will also serve as qualifying for the expanded Gold Cup. The 2019 field will be determined by the six teams that played in the Hexagonal along with the top nine teams in the Nations League qualifying stage.”

      Robert Martinez and Thierry Henry:

      with all due respect, i don’t want a foreigner to coach our national team. (recall: gulit bringing ‘sexy’ back to lag. it didn’t really work, did it?). in the usmnt, we have our own talent, our own style of play (usually), our own soccer culture. i don’t want us to pretend to be europeans or pretend to be south americans. we’re not. i want us to develop OUR style and play OUR way. win or lose. let’s get a greg berhalter or a jesse marsch or a caleb carter in there and fire it up and see what happens.

      i agree with imperative, the usa is not ‘entitled’ in any sense of the word in soccer. it should have to qualify for every tournament the same way as everybody else. and if the usa wants to host, it should bid for it just like everyone else. and wait it’s turn if other countries are first in line.

    • I know…. I keep thinking “Well, the pool of available talent will be highest after the club season and and the World Cup”…. but I get the feeling we’ll probably just end up hiring somebody we could just as easily have hired 6 months ago.

    • The murmurs I keep hearing are that we’re waiting on Roberto Martinez. He’s coaching Belgium at the moment but will likely be out of contract after the World Cup. But he’s got the familiarity with America we’re looking for, along with an International pedigree…and a very slick, aggressive passing scheme. He would ALSO bridge the gap between the whitebread ‘burbclub and Latino players we’re looking to get. His assistant, incidentally, is Thierry Henry…wouldn’t shock me if he came along if Martinez came as well.

      Makes sense, especially if there’s already an agreement-in-principle in place.

      • wow, did somebody just say Robert Martinez and Thierry Henry coaching the USMNT? mind is racing with the possibilities..

      • (1) Wouldn’t you like to see how Belgium does in Russia first?
        (2) Do we have a full complement of players to successfully implement a slick passing scheme? It sounds nice in the abstract but Klinsi figured out that at big tournaments he had to revert back to defend and counter. While I wouldn’t mind us finding a way to get more technical, I think there’s a risk in trying to take an athletic and defending team and suddenly at the senior team make it a touch team, where I think we’re not unusually gifted for the region. If you want more finesse that’s youth development, not senior coaching, at least not until the pool presents 11 or more players who can implement a skill concept.

    • Wasn’t advocating for or against, just re-iterating what I keep hearing on the Internetz and from the rumor mill. Maybe true, maybe not, but it does kind of explain the incessant delay – that the guy we want has another gig at the moment and we can’t comment on it.

      Martinez rings true as a definite possibility. Lot of folks have thought we’d hire him at some point.

      Would his slick passing game take? Dunno. Probably not with that last generation, who, as you pointed out, seemed to be all about will and athletic ability more than skill. But this coming gen looks a whole lot more polished…and if anything, even more athletic. If Martinez successfully implemented it at Wigan and kept them up for years, I think this very skilled gen of newbs could indeed handle it.


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