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Report: Pareja ‘interview’ for USMNT head coach job didn’t happen


The search for the next U.S. national team coach is close to hitting the one-year mark, which might explain the reaction when a report emerged Monday claiming Oscar Pareja had been interviewed for the job.

By Monday night, a conflicting report emerged, with Yahoo Sports reporting that the Pareja ‘interview’ with U.S. Soccer officials didn’t happen.

“There was no meeting,” a U.S. Soccer source told Yahoo Sports.

U.S. Men’s National Team general manager Earnie Stewart stated in September that a new head coach would be hired by the end of the year, and potentially as early as November.

Columbus Crew coach Gregg Berhalter is believed to be the frontrunner for the USMNT job, though Pareja is a qualified candidate if he is indeed being considered.


  1. Oscar Pareja compiled a record of 91 wins, 42 draws and 52 losses with Dallas overall. 49.19 win %.

    Berhalter has 72 W 66 D 48 L with the Crew. 38.71 W %.

    Pareja revamped the Dallas academy which has maybe been the best in MLS. Berhalter has more international experience and is respected for that.

    I don’t think I would mind Pareja. He has put out good MLS teams, is experienced with the ins and outs of this league, and is good at developing youth, which majority of this roster is young and developing still.

  2. You can make all the excuses you want, but this whole thing is starting to look like a Keystone Kops movie. For you younger folks, they were in early movies and they were a bumbling group that couldn’t do anything right.

  3. I figured it would have been a very comprehensive search if the Dallas guy was considered for the gig? I consider him a good coach but not nowhere near a great coach.

    Results matter but playoff results ultimately matter and should be a high line item in making the choice. You are choosing a coach who can win tournaments and the World Cup is a tournament.

  4. As long as Dave Sarachan is gone ASAP it will be better.

    I tend to believe that it is a current MLS coach and Ernie is waiting for the MLS season to end before announcing. This may be good or may be bad. I would rather get a coach that has no list of favs and that starts the ENTIRE team from ground zero. No automatic bids (except Pulisic lol)

  5. recall:
    september 6, 2018 at metlife stadium
    the day before usmnt vs. brazil
    Stewart explains delay in hiring new USMNT manager
    “Stewart has yet to interview a single candidate for the job”

    my two cents: this recent announcement of “no interviews” is merely a continuation of the “we did not interview anyone” public relations positioning policy.

    i think i can see right through this. can you?

    i think earnie is A) being considerate of dave sarachan’s feelings and B) not providing any grist for the soccer rumor mill.

    to speak plainly, i think that interviews did happen and earnie is merely declining to comment.

    my further two cents: i like the “we didn’t interview anybody” policy. A) if earnie didn’t make a decision yet, then what does it matter who he talked to? B) i share his great respect for dave sarachan and would never, ever want him to feel like he doesn’t have our 100% confidence and support for each and every usmnt under his direction and C) actually, who earnie talks to in private is really none of our business, is it?

    • In defense of Ernie Stewart, he did not officially get his position until August 1, 2018, the lack of activity in the search previously had nothing to do with him, he had absolutely as much authority before then, as you or I did. So if he did not hire a coach i the following month, it is not a catastrophe. The SBI article is wrong in its statement that the effort has taken a year, it has not. The USSF had to develop an new infrastructure and its doing it step-by-step. I can understand some people anxiety, but there are no “major international” tournaments until the Gold Cup (concacaf) and the U23 Olympics, which, I think Dave Sarachan should helm. Everything else is just prep. I think that before a coaching selection can be made, Stewart and others have to agree on “vision” they all share of the future USMNT and the coach who they think can match that vision and execute it. An impossible task, if you don’t have a vision, and a hard one if you do.

    • recall further:
      Earnie Stewart hopes to hire new US national team coach by end of 2018
      September 6, 2018
      “In his first interview since taking over the newly formed position, Stewart said he’s had informal discussions with 6-7 coaches who expressed interest, whether directly or through their agents.

      “I haven’t interviewed people,” Stewart said. “Have I spoken to people? I’ve spoken to people.”

      “i’ve spoken to people” what does that mean? what do you think they talked about, the yankees? come on, now. i think we know what they talked about: the usmnt job. those were interviews.

    • is this the first real “silly season” for US Soccer fans? and they are really making us wait! driving all of the fans/journalist crazy!

      Stewart is “not really friends with Berhalter”, David Moyes on the NJ Train, made up meeting in Vancouver with Pareja, can’t wait for the next episode!

      in reality Earnie Stewart is still picking out his office furniture in Chicago


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