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Ellis backs USWNT in lawsuit against USSF


U.S. Women’s National Team head coach Jill Ellis is backing her players after the defending World Cup Champions filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation.

Ellis is employed by the USSF but has chosen to stick by her players who announced their lawsuit on Friday. Twenty-eight players filed the lawsuit on Friday in regards to lesser pay compared to the USMNT, despite more success in competitions and tournaments.

“I’m definitely in support,” Ellis said according to ESPN. “[I] recognize moments where we have to continue to push the envelope. It’s not hard to navigate because I’m in that world and my players know I support them.”

Ellis has posted a 72-6-16 record as head coach, lifting a Women’s World Cup title in 2015 and placing fifth in the 2016 Summer Olympics. She also served as head coach in 2012 before rejoining the team in 2014.

The USWNT most recently participated in the She Believes Cup, where they saw England lift the trophy.┬áThe lawsuit comes three months prior to the start of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France, where the USWNT are heavy favorites.

The USWNT takes on Australia in a friendly on April 4th.




  1. LOL. of course Ellis backs them. If she doesn’t the sorority, upper middle class white union girls will get rid of her. USWNT…..trying to have their cake and eat it to. When no one cares enogh about soccer in the media to know their pathetic, hypocritical, manipulative history, but who will jump on the gender issue blindly and fanaticatly. The business of social justice at work here….and no one will have the guts to call them out. Check the history and facts of what is going on, and has been for decades folks. If u would rather be ignorant, act all preachy and offended, and just blindly follow the herd like a sheep feel free. It would take REAL courage for woman to stand up these bullies and hypocrites, but the social media vendetta that would be launched by fanatics, and radicals…. i mean super progressives and media academics) strikes fear into most of these woman (many former Nats who I know personally). The woman’s national team, unless u r lucky to be in the union, is a club that reduces opps for all woamn and minorities. They crush all who oppose them and then run to the ignorant/radical, sheep media and cry foul! It works. It’s divisive, and it actually hurts womans soccer. What a joke. Go ahead…..ban me for pointing out what is incredibly easy to learn about, and even if u do. u won’t have the guts to post it or actually call them out. The bullies and current state of the mob in the US will of course try and destroy u… why would u? The privileged, vicious and powerful USWNT playing the victim….and getting away with it.
    What a joke.


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