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Norwich City recalls Soto early from loan at Telstar

Norwich City has been one of the favorites to earn promotion back to the English Premier League this season and will bolster its attack in the form of a young American forward.

Sebastian Soto has been recalled early from his loan spell at Dutch second tier side Telstar, the club announced Thursday. Soto was linked earlier this month with a return to Norwich City, Pink UN reported first. Soto’s involvement in the November and December USMNT camps gave him enough international experience to obtain a work permit.

The U.S. Men’s National Team forward has been key for Telstar since arriving, scoring seven goals in 12 appearances in the Eerste Divisie. Soto moved to Norwich City from Hannover in July and his deal with the club runs until 2023.

After not getting a true test with Hannover in the final stages of his time there, Soto has been full of confidence at both club and international level. The 20-year-old made his senior USMNT debut back in November in a 6-2 win over Panama, scoring twice in the friendly victory.

Soto was also included in the USMNT’s 6-0 friendly triumph over El Salvador in December and should be expected to play a role in the team during a busy 2021 schedule.

Norwich City is currently top of the EFL Championship table with 53 points, seven points ahead of second place Swansea City.


    • It’s been rumored that the FA is going to relax rules now that Brexit has occurred. I’m not sure if that has Ben confirmed.

      • They would have to do something eg grandfathering, liberal rules because post Brexit players outside the UK would no longer have a right to work based on an EU passport. You had a lot of Euros on teams through right to work, as well as a sprinkling of Americans like Yedlin who had EU second passports. As of 6/21 that right disappears.

    • Found an article that said a player for a NT ranked in the 20s need only have played in 60% of the NT matches within 12 months of date of application. So if they were to apply on Feb 2 Sebastian would have played in 66% of US matches (Panama and El Salvador).

      • Sloppy as usual. They are either loosening the rules or he is headed to the appeals/exception panels. None of his games are the senior competitive internationals — ie regional qualifying or tournament games, world cup, etc. — that count for the percentage — they are all friendlies. You’d also be neglecting the 4th game we played last January — 2 games of 4 is 50%. I’ve also explained before that some of the appeals criteria is stuff like salary or current league level that is modest in his case. I assume Norwich thinks it’s worth a try and I like him and wish him well but you’re talking rubbish.

    • IV if you read closely you would have seen I said they can wait until Feb. 2 making the game last January not count. The article I read from December said the old rules are out so things like salary do not count anymore. According to there is no distinction anymore as to competitive or friendlies either. I only found the one article with the tables so it may not be accurate but if it is he would be eligible to apply Feb. 2. and then begin play whenever it became approved. Sorry if that doesn’t fit your narrative.

  1. 7 goals in 12 is a tremendous return. I’m curious to see how he handles the increased physical play of the Championship, but if he does well I think it will be a clear sign of things to come.


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