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Source: Newcastle United has renewed interest in Cameron Carter-Vickers transfer


Cameron Carter-Vickers is wrapping up a breakout season on loan with Scottish giants Celtic, and while Celtic has the option to purchase Carter-Vickers’ contract from Tottenham, there is a growing list of teams ready to pounce if Celtic does not complete a transfer for the American defender.

Newcastle United has joined the list of teams interested in acquiring Carter-Vickers this summer, a source close to the player confirmed to SBI. The Magpies were previously interested in the Tottenham defender last summer, but were unable to strike a deal with Spurs before Carter-Vickers eventually moved to Celtic on loan.

Celtic holds a purchase option for Carter-Vickers as part of the loan agreement with Tottenham, an option that sources tell SBI would cost Celtic an initial $7.4 million, with add-ons that could take the deal to an overall price tag of $12.3 million.

Carter-Vickers enjoyed a standout season at Celtic Park, earning Team of the Season honors in the Scottish Premier League, and while his impressive form should have him in the club’s plans, the price tag required to buy him from Tottenham could prove to be too expensive. The potential eight-figure fee (if enough add-ons were triggered) would make Carter-Vickers the most expensive defender signing in Celtic history.

If Celtic chooses not to complete the purchase, Tottenham would have a long list of suitors ready to pounce, including Newcastle, with Southampton and newly-promoted Fulham also linked to the England-born American defender.

Carter-Vickers, 24, has ties to Newcastle United’s coaching staff, having previously played for Newcastle assistant coach Jason Tindall. Currently an assistant under Newcastle manager Eddie Howe, Tindall managed Carter-Vickers during his loan spell at then-Championship side AFC Bournemouth during the 2020-21 season.

Carter-Vickers is currently in his final two matches on loan at Celtic, where he has been a mainstay in Ange Postecoglou’s squad. The USMNT defender has totaled 42 combined appearances for Celtic across all competitions and scored a career-high four goals, helping the Hoops win Scottish League Cup while closing in on a 52nd league title.

The English-born defender has earned eight caps for the USMNT to date and could force his way into the picture this June following a stellar loan spell in Glasgow.

Celtic faces off with Dundee United at Tannadice Park on Wednesday before closing its competitive schedule on Saturday vs. Motherwell.


  1. He can move to a mid table EPL team or stay with Celtic and play in the champions league next season and really put himself in the shop window . No brainer really…

  2. Another ignorant English Supporter down grading Scottish Football.
    I think you need to have a closer look at look at the players we have sold on to English clubs & what other clubs have fed the English teams.
    All coming from Scottish Clubs and more coming being produced every season.
    We also have a team in a major European final, lastly…. Celtic are in the Champs League next season and beyond, so much much more than many other clubs can offer. Especially Newcastle.. Time to realise a few things Ronnie.

    • Can you list these players being sold to top flight English clubs? I looked at the last two seasons and it looked like Celtic had Ayers and Edouard, Frimpong not to EPL but Bundesliga. Patterson from Rangers to Everton. I didn’t see anyone from any other SPL squad moving to a top league. It seems far more are sold to MLS than EPL. Even if you consider loan returns it’s mostly Rangers and Celtic. The concern is if you are only playing 3 tough matches in league play and 6-8 CL matches is that enough. Is the same question that US fans ask on Aaronson in Austria and Pefok in Switzerland. I don’t know if your a Scottish NT fan or not Martin but would Scottish fans want Che Adams to be playing at Celtic instead of Southampton for his NT development if they weren’t Celtic fans?

      • Kieran Tierney and Vergil Van Dijk were both Celtic players.

        They add weight to the idea that Celtic may be a better source of players than Dallas FC .

      • Vacqui: I think Groningen would be the FCD comparison though. It’s not really the point that the two of us combined found 5 players from Celtic the point is they play 3-5 competitive matches a year in Scotland and then 6 in the CL. Then Celtic hopes to finish 3rd and make Europa knockouts. So is 15 good matches with Celtic better than playing for Newcastle? Van Diyk thought Southampton was better.

      • JR,

        “It’s not really the point that the two of us combined found 5 players from Celtic the point is they play 3-5 competitive matches a year in Scotland and then 6 in the CL. Then Celtic hopes to finish 3rd and make Europa knockouts. ”

        You say that as if it really matters. It doesn’t.
        CCV is back in the WC picture because:
        He has consistently played well for Celtic
        It’s at a high enough level to be taken seriously
        CCV has been a part of the team fairly recently so he’s not a totally unknown quantity
        And , most of all, because Miles , a guy who has never played in the Champion’s League or the Europa League, is injured.

        If CCV had been loaned to Man City, been a regular and helped them to the Champion’s League would it be better?

        Sure but that didn’t happen. You don’t have to be a proven EPL quality player to be a regular for the USMNT. Miles and Zimmerman proved that. For God’s sake they’re talking about bringing Djorde back in and where does he play? And you could see Ariolla, Roldan and Aaron Long in Qatar. Where do those guys play?

        “So is 15 good matches with Celtic better than playing for Newcastle? ”

        In the real world?? Absolutely. He played and showed his stuff at Celtic. At Newcastle he might not have and not because he couldn’t have but maybe because they might not have rated him while Celtic did. There’s a long history of very talented players from all over the world going to Newcastle and watching their careers turn to shit as they rotted on the bench Maybe things are different now but we’ll see. If you want to play the paranoid anti American card, Eddie Howe let oft injured Emo Hyndman spend his best years rotting on the bench in Bournemouth.

        The point is CCV may now have a chance to make his USMNT World Cup case and he has it because he did well at Celtic.

        “Van Diyk thought Southampton was better.”

        Yeah, so what? Every player has a different path. VVD was prepping for and went on to a potentially all time great Liverpool team.

        CCV’s ambitions are nowhere near as lofty. He’s just trying to get a spot on the USMNT in Qatar. A much less arduous hill to climb.

    • of course Celtic are in Champions League, it’s not that hard of an accomplishment when the league they play in is only a 2 team race every year, so miss me with that ignorance comment, I know about scottish football and it’s a second/third tier league in world football.

  3. Woukd be awesome to see him go to Newcastle. That team will spend some money in the off season and could potentially make some noise into the top 5 next season.

  4. Any move to a Prem team or elsewhere in a top 5 league trumps staying in Scotland for me, so I hope he prices himself out of a stay with Celtic if I’m being honest lol

    • Newcastle has been a shithole career ender for a lot of players.

      Maybe things are different now but I’d prefer CCV to look elsewhere.

      • JR,

        Not necessarily.

        If Spurs thought CCV was total shit they would have cut him loose a long time ago .

        But if you look closely you’ll notice that as he has been loaned out his value goes up ( with a dip at Luton Town.).

        Spurs are the same club that loaned out guys like Kyle Walker and Harry Kane FOUR times before they became regulars.

        There’s a big gap between good enough to play for Spurs and good enough to play for the recent horseshit editions of Newcastle.

      • Vacqui, clearly you have some other angst against Newcastle. I do think there’s a big difference between Spurs and Newcastle but I don’t think there’s a big difference between teams 8-15 in the EPL. He’s likely not good enough to play regularly for Spurs but mid-table EPL seems plausible. Would you be ok with the move if it was Palace, Villa or Southampton?

      • JR,

        The only thing I have against Newcastle is that, for a while now, they have either had shit coaching staffs or limp ownership. Sometimes both. And their uniforms make them look like referees. Or NCAA soccer payers circa the 70’s.

        Otherwise they are fine.

        Oh and I have watched talented players go there and regret their decisions. They are in love with the fantasy that they are a “Big Club” but they are a big club the same way the Dallas Cowboys are a big club, living off their ancient history, all hat, no cattle.

        Now they allegedly have money and a new sheriff of middling ability. If his coaching staff know CCV and want to give him a fair shot that would be different.

        CCV has certain things he does well and some managers appreciate that and more to the point have a situation where they can use him. That’s what happened at Celtic.

        It won’t happen at Spurs because CCV is not what they want to use at CB.

        What can you tell me about the coaching staffs at Palace, Villa or Southampton? How do they use their CB’s? Does anyone on those staffs know CCV and do they rate him?

        If CCV is appreciated by the staff at one of those clubs and if they want him and have a spot for him in their scheme, then he should go there.

        It’s not complicated. Go to the best club that wants you and are willing to give you a chance to prove that they can use you.

        CCV is a fair to middling workmanlike journeyman player. It’s not like he’s a VVD and can dictate terms to a host of European powers dying for his signature.

        He’s lucky to have what he has. I hope he cuts a good deal for himself, wherever that is.

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