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Josh Cohen delivers shutout in Maccabi Haifa’s shock win over Juventus

Maccabi Haifa picked up the most impressive result in Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League action with American goalkeeper Josh Cohen standing tall for the Israeli side at home.

Cohen posted a five-save shutout for Maccabi Haifa in a 2-0 group stage victory over Serie A giants Juventus, earning his first-ever group stage victory. The 30-year-old’s performance paired with Omer Atzili boosted Maccabi Haifa to its first win of the current group stage after suffering three-consecutive losses to Benfica, Paris Saint-Germain, and Juventus respectively.

Atzili gave Maccabi Haifa a 2-0 lead thanks to goals in the seventh and 42nd minute before Cohen contributed his first key save of the night. Dusan Vlahovic’s header in the 45th minute was pushed wide by Cohen before his defenders blocked the ensuing follow-up by Arkadiusz Milik.

Cohen’s impressive night continued in the second half as the veteran goalkeeper denied Daniele Rugani’s header which looked destined for the top corner. Juan Cuadrado was also denied in the final stages of the match, watching as Cohen repelled his long-range shot in the 82nd minute.

Maccabi Haifa would hold on for an important home victory, tying Juvenuts on three points apiece in Group H. U.S. men’s national team midfielder logged 45 minutes for Massimiliano Allegri’s side, receiving one yellow card, and winning two duels before being replaced at halftime by Filip Kostic.

Cohen and Haifa will resume league action on Monday, Oct. 17 against Hapoel Hadera before visiting Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona on the 22nd. A trip to PSG awaits for Maccabi Haifa on Oct. 25 with the Israeli side needing three points to avoid elimination from reaching the knockout stage.


  1. It’s not the stronger leagues of Europe, but he is an experienced goalkeeper who was the Israeli Premier League’s Player of the Season in 20-21. It’s a freaking Champions League team where he has over 90 appearances with. Whelp, then again, it’s Berhalter, so enough said.

      • Can you explain why no European team made a run for him then if he’s been so good for so long? It doesn’t seem to be just Berhalter that doesn’t rate him but like every manager in the top 15 leagues. He spent 4 or 5 years in USL no MLS teams came for him.

    • They qualified for CL by winning 42 ranked league in the world. Then winning playoffs with winners of leagues ranked in the 20s Greece, Serbia, Cyprus. None of those leagues are near MLS in quality. They had a great match, Cohen made a couple nice saves but he’s no where near the quality of the NT.

  2. See this what I am talking about Berhalter. Ignoring Cohen, Slonina, and Celentano for Steffan. His player selection is awful and limited. Also the system is making us miss out on Sonora, Balogun, and Mendez who are to good to not call up for usa men nat team.

    • BALOGUN is not ready to commit to the US, people need to stop dreaming. He’s England’s #1 player on their U21s. He’s not Pefok who hadn’t been called by France in four years and never for an official competition. Even Musah was never used in an official competition. Dest came to the US because of the relationships built when the Netherlands was ignoring him. Balogun is not that, he has been a favored son for the “Three Lion Cubs?” For sometime.
      I’m not sure Mendez is ready to commit either. I’m not sure how much Gregg has had contact with him, but Alex has always kept the door open for El Tri. Mexico’s midfield is far more open going into next cycle than the US that has Adams, Wes, and Musah all under 25. He has transformed himself at Vizela as a two way player, which is really what has kept Sonora out he doesn’t defend.

      • Alex has committed to usa he has never been approached by Mex nor appeared in a camp for them. He does not fit system that is why he is not called up.

      • You are quite naive if you think El Tri hasn’t approached Mendez. Elfutbolero reported in May that Mexico had talked to him. They even reported he was ready to make the switch. The site is pretty pro El Tri so the commitment seems more hope than substance, but ran with the “in communication” part of the story in May so there’s at least some there there. It was around that time that Gregg made his “it hasn’t really worked out for those guys who have switched so far” comments referring to Efra, JoGone, Ochoa, and Araujo. He’d have to file a switch to play for Mexico and usually Mexico calls in guys they’re poaching in non-window camps so Alex wouldn’t be released by Vizela for those.
        He does fit Gregg’s system he just took a little too long to get there. He didn’t really find his footing until the second half of the season last year. At that point the roster had been closed at the 8 position. You can talk about potential but he’s only got 3 g 0a in 39 appearances for Vizela. His 3g 6a at Jong Ajax in the 2nd Div are not outstanding for that league either. Had Gregg promised him a spot in Qatar in June I don’t think he turns it down but the last minute offensive #8 chance went to Tillman with Aaronson really closing the door by moving into that position in June.

    • “See this what I am talking about Berhalter. Ignoring Cohen, Slonina, and Celentano for Steffan. ”

      That’s nonsense. Barring injury or a catastrophic few weeks for the guys ahead of them, Cohen, Slonina, and Celentano don’t belong on the Qatar plane.

      The manager who should be questioned here is Allegri. Canning him would probably cost Juve a mint but jeez, how long can they afford to let this go on?

      I don’t know about Sonora and Mendez but Balogun would be a fool to declare for the USMNT for Qatar, if he even can.
      Besides, I never got the impression that they USMNT was never more than a “safety school” for him. Nothing wrong with that but he has a legit shot at England if not in Qatar then in the coming years.

      It’s simple math. Playing for England gives him a shot at playing and maybe starting for a contending team in two major tournaments in the next 4 years the 2024 Euros and the 2026 World Cup.

      Meanwhile the USMNT might win the World Cup in Qatar or they could go down in flames with three straight humiliating brutal losses.
      No one really knows which team will show up.

      Then they get to compete against more crap teams in the crap Gold Cup. I can’t see Balogun showing off his Gold Cup medal to his friends and family back in England.

      Maybe they will swing a Copa America appearance. They should really try to. And how serious a Copa America contender do you think the USMNT are likely to be? But no one has said anything yet.

      As a manager Gregg has many sins but you’re focused on venial sins not a mortal sins.

      • Johnny and Vacqui. Johnny The same was said about Ledezma he has not appeared for Mex just like Mendez. Even when he turned down GGG call up during El Salvador which was because it was to soon due to coming back for injury. Jacqui have you not seen Stefan in the championship. His form is atrocious. Celentano, Cohen, and Slonina look better in form imo. I know Slonina does not start in MLS but you use Nat team to keep his form up and showcased so a bigger team who will start Slonina will come along.

      • Slonina doesn’t start in MLS? I feel like you mistyped something here.
        Celentano’s save % numbers are mid league and his passing completion % is 2nd to last amount regular MLS starters. Some of that can be attributed to FCC’s style but those passing numbers aren’t getting you a sniff on a team playing out of the back. His Launch % (kicks over 40 yards) is 56.8% (94 percentile in MLS). He’s a long ball guy. To compare Turner is 30% of the time and 29% for Johnson. Should Berhalter move on (as I’d prefer) the next manager might look at him but Berhalter calling him in would be setting up Roman for failure. From the stories you share you seem to be an Ohio guy perhaps your a little to close to the FCC keeper.
        If I had to bet I think Ledezma and Mendez end up for El Tri. There’s just so much less competition in MF for them. Depends on their next coach though and our next coach. Tata was much more warm to Americans.

    • Berhalter is a stubborn cotton-brain fool that’s probably going to get us creamed in the WC with his terrible player selection, tactics and so called system in which maybe two to four starters feel comfortable playing. He needs to make some changes to the system or bring in the appropriate personnel that can play out of the back but we all know he will not. If the US gets out of the group, which I hope is does, it will be because of the players adapting to the game and figuring the opposition out, playing direct and freely not because of Berhalter-ball.

      • The last four years have felt like we’re watching the making of the movie that everyone, the producers, the director, the writers and the actors all hate, but are contractually obligated to finish and distribute.

      • Vacqui, love the analogy but I think it’s more a movie the actors, producers, and directors all love and think is an avant-garde masterpiece, but moviegoers just don’t understand or care to see.

    • This save is fairly routine. It’s a lightly hit header from Vlahovic which Cohen weakly parries right into the mixer. If not for desperation stab from his defender everyone is talking about how Wes is back after his CL goal. Not Cohen is all.


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