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FIFA disciplines Mexico national team for Alejandro Zendejas inclusion


The Mexican national team’s usage of Alejandro Zendejas on five different occasions has led to the federation being handled down several punishments by FIFA on Thursday.

Mexico was ordered to forfeit a pair of friendlies and was also fined $10,900 for using the American forward, FIFA announced. In addition, Mexico was also ordered to forfeit three Under-23 matches in which Zendejas featured in.

Zendejas’ involvement at the 2015 FIFA Under-17 World Cup for the United States means he would need to file a one-time switch with FIFA to represent El Tri. The Club American forward was called up to the USMNT’s January camp on Wednesday ahead of friendlies against Serbia and Colombia.

Zendejas is a former product of FC Dallas’ academy and made his MLS debut in May 2015. He moved to Liga MX side Chivas de Guadalajara in June 2016 before eventually moving to Necaxa in June 2020 and Club America in January 2022.

He has six goals and two assists in combined appearances for Club America this season.

“FIFA can confirm that it has imposed a fine of CHF 10,000 on the Mexican Football Association for breaches of article 5 of the Regulations Governing the Application (RGAS) of the FIFA Statutes following the fielding of the player Alejandro Zendejas,” FIFA said in a statement.

“Besides the fine, all matches have been declared forfeited. Based on the applicable provisions of the RGAS, the player remains however eligible to play for the representative teams of the USA.”

FIFA listed a 3-2 Mexico friendly loss to Ecuador in October 2021 and a 0-0 draw with Guatemala in April 2022 as the two senior matches forfeited. In addition, Mexico was also ordered to forfeit two Under-23 victories against Romania (June 2021) and Australia (June 2021), and a 1-1 draw against Saudi Arabia (June 2021).

Mexico is next in action this March as it continues its Concacaf Nations League schedule against Suriname and Jamaica.


  1. Vacquai,
    You are still missing the point. And the point is who does Gio think he is that when they tell him he cannot play that he can just stop putting in effort? That is the point you’re missing . . the Reyna’s family’s sense of entitlement . As talented as he is, he doesn’t even hold down the starting role at Dortmund . It wasn’t expected from GB to call him out, but let’s face it you hear coaches make comments about their players attitude, fitness levels (disciplinary actions that were taken) all the time, especially in the EPL and bundesliga…….like all the time . Was that how all the other players were acting when they were told they will get limited minutes in a world cup? Absolutely not. And then on top of that mom and dad gets involved like they have some form of connection to turn the tides in his favor? Major entitlement.
    And that’s where all this conversation is coming from, and I say there are other players (e.g. Ricardo Pepi, Alejandro Zendejas, Brandon Vasquez etc) who are self made and come from humble backgrounds that don’t have the same upper management “connections” and family network as a brat like Gio, so they need to make the right choice up front when it comes to their soccer career.

    • This is mostly a non story.

      Particularly Gio’s “involvement”.

      You’re projecting a sense of entitlement onto Gio which is nonsense when you don’t know what Gio’s expectations were for his role in the World Cup.

      None of us know what exactly Gregg said to Gio. Do you ?
      None of us know what the limits were on a “limited role”.
      And for the record, why would a coach, set such a limit before he even knew how the games were going to go? And if they were insanely small, why even bring Gio along at all?

      We know that his fitness was touch and go before Qatar to where he had not really played for BVB for nearly a whole season if not longer. For a while there it looked like his career might be in danger. I had the same feeling with Tyler and Pulisic. Look back at their long term injuries sometime.

      All I know is they had a talk and Gio was real upset about what Gregg told him. Very, very upset to where he was acting out and basically the team had to talk him down off a bridge and tell him to stop being a dick. It seems to me that Gio has very high expectation for himself and when he realized they weren’t going to be met, as he said , he let his emotions get the better of him.

      And here’s what you, bizzy, don’t give Gio credit for.
      He knew he fucked up
      He apologized to his team mates and begged their forgiveness, seeing as how they were mad at him being a prima donna prick and all.
      He was forgiven and given one last chance. And took his medicine and behaved better, tried to make amends.
      Of everyone involved here , he’s reacted far more maturely to his failures than his elders.
      Don’t take it from me take it from Tim Ream:

      “U.S. national team center back Tim Ream said on his podcast, Indirect, that the controversy surrounding teammate Gio Reyna at the World Cup is a “non-story,” and that the situation was handled at the tournament by the team.
      “I mean for us, it’s a non-story,” Ream said. “We dealt with it in camp, things moved on, we moved past it and that’s where we are. The players, there was no vote. So we can put that to bed. And like I said, we addressed it in camp and (Reyna) did what he had to do, and obviously came on against the Netherlands and played a pretty solid 45 minutes for us and helped to kind of drag us back into the game. So yeah for us, that’s it. That’s the end of it.”

      I’m sorry if it’s not good enough for you. You want to burn him at the stake.

      Apparently it’s good enough for Ream, and I would guess the rest of the team and it’s good enough for me.

      It’s a dead issue.

      Except for Leadership scholars.

      Once Gregg opened his big mouth as far as I’m concerned, that made everything all about him and Claudio and Danielle and really none of our business.
      And unless you think Gio went running to mom and dad and told them Uncle Gregg was a c*nt . Is that what you think? I think Gio’ has next to nothing to do with the rest of this cluster.

      It makes no sense for Gio to sic his parents on Uncle Gregg.
      And that makes no sense because of all the people involved here, he’s the only one who can come back big time with a big FU to all the holier than thou USMNT fans who have fallen for Gregg’s little sleight of hand. That sleazy weasel.

      If he becomes the player I think he can be then there’s a real good chance that whoever the USMNT manager is they will crawl naked over a mile of razor blades just to lick his boots.
      He could be the great player that everyone says ” So howcum that numnuts Gregg could not get shit out of him??” Sort of like people got on Chelsea for not getting anything out of De Bruyne and Mo Salah when they were there. That would be the best revenge. And Gio could do it.

      As a workplace issue this Gregg cluster should have all stayed behind closed doors and probably would have if not for Gregg’s big mouth . It seems like he wanted his narrative on this out there so he decided to play the victim and the blackmail card. At the same time.

      Think about it. This is a Gregg production.

      Do you know what Claudio said to his buddies Earnie and Brian when he was bitching about Gregg? Have you seen any transcripts ? I haven’t.
      Danielle said some of what she said to Earnie but both she and Claudio say they never threatened black mail. And both of them only went public after Gregg did.

      This whole thing is a private dispute with both sides having serious credibility issues. Ever have to deal with both sides of a divorcing couple? If you did then you’d understand what I mean about a plague on both their houses and how it’s a mistake to believe either side without some serious evidence.

      This whole thing is an episode of Jersey Shore and just as compelling.

      Blackmail? We don’t know what Claudio said to his “buddies.” or what else Danielle said to Earnie.
      Gregg says they were trying to blackmail him but where is his evidence? Gregg is a proven liar and a weenie but that doesn’t mean much to Americans anymore. You get rewarded for being a liar in America these days.

      Gregg confirmed that the Rosalind incident is true so there is no slander or libel there.

      Blackmail means the bad person will tell someone that matters something bad about you unless you give them something back.

      Well Danielle told Earnie all the bad stuff so the Reynas got no more blackmail leverage there. And her complaint was about what Gregg did to Gio AFTER the World Cup was over so it wasn’t about playing time or whatever, as far as we know.

      In other words, right now, y’all are taking Gregg’s word that the Reyna’s were trying to blackmail him or pressure him about playing time. Claudio and Danielle bitching to Earnie and Brian while unprofessional, inappropriate and frankly, stupid, is long way from blackmail. Is there any proof that Earnie and Brian went to Gregg and pressured him in turn?
      Why do you believe him?

      All these people deserve each other.

      My interest in this is strictly because I can’t stop watching train wrecks and plane crashes ( Smithsonian channel) .
      But there’s nothing here for real soccer fans.
      Besides Gregg is the person who took Long, Roldan, Morris and Ferreira to the World Cup.
      This is not someone who cares what sane people think.

      “And that’s where all this conversation is coming from, and I say there are other players (e.g. Ricardo Pepi, Alejandro Zendejas, Brandon Vasquez etc) who are self made and come from humble backgrounds that don’t have the same upper management “connections” and family network as a brat like Gio, so they need to make the right choice up front when it comes to their soccer career.”

      They could start by choosing to play for Mexico. It’s the only way the USSF will start to pay attention.

      If you’re saying that US soccer could do more to make better use of the latino/ hispanic/ latinx/ whatever/ side of our soccer you are a 100% correct. US soccer is a perfect example of where White Privilege and it’s associated syndromes rears its head. That’s why I’m interested in this coach Varas. Check out his back ground some time. He’s very young and needs more experience but I love a lot of what he has to say.

  2. United States or El Tri who does the kid REALLY want to play for? Which country would be better for his immediate growth, success and development (as he is 24)? Which country actually needs him and would use him?

    The questions are there but DEEP DOWN who does he really want to represent, patriotically, and which country will really give him a FAIR AND HONEST chance to succeed (because he doesn’t have mommy and daddy in Erie Stewart’s ear)?

    If he choses USMNT whole heartedly I’m all about it…….as it looks like we’ll have a baller!!

    • “give him a FAIR AND HONEST chance to succeed (because he doesn’t have mommy and daddy in Erie Stewart’s ear)?”

      Having mommy and daddy in Earnie’s ear didn’t do much for Gio did it?

      • sure it did as it might just get GB fired.

        at this point, I want GB rehired just to make the point–stay the eff out of it moms and dads

      • True, but that only because the coach (and whole team), didn’t see Gio as the center piece of the USMNT he thought he was, and didn’t really care about his mopping and brattish attitude. So they benched him and almost bounced the whiny brat home, because regardless of who he thinks he is playing for the USMNT is a privilege, not a right……and regardless of who mommy knows or daddy is, there should be no relative advantages, external pressure or internal influences in US soccer when its time to pick the best team for the stars and stripes.
        And I hope our next coach is big on the same principles

      • bizzy,

        “only because the coach (and whole team), didn’t see Gio as the center piece of the USMNT he thought he was, ”

        That’s not what I remember.

        You don’t know what Gio thought.

        Greg never came close to hinting he might use Gio as a center piece at any time since Gregg was hired.

        It seem to me Gregg used Gio as largely a winger at a time when he was a mostly a centrally located attacking midfielder at BVB. If you want to argue that Gio’s style did not fit into the fabled Berhalterball system, so be it. Then don’t call Gio up. Don’t fuck around with sticking him out on the wing and asking him to come up with some kind of magic every once in a while.

        In fact when Gregg started futzing around with a Fake 9 he used Lletget ( who had never played there before) and then settled on Ferreira ( a waste of time and space), there instead of trying Gio, a far more natural option for the Fake 9, there.

        Then Gio got hurt at BVB and as I recall, he was barely back to some kind of fitness just before the World Cup. In fact, it was a pretty open question as to whether Gio would be fit enough to have any kind of role in Qatar,
        Gio barely played for a season and a half. He must have worked really hard to get to where he was fit enough to pass whatever test the USMNT makes you take to prove your fitness for Qatar. I assume they do have such tests.

        I did not think Gio was going to be in Qatar. None of us knows exactly what Gregg meant by a “limited role”.
        None of us, even you, know exactly how much of a role Gio expected to play.

        Every player out there will say they are “100%” and that they are good to go.
        And every manager will lie about the actual condition of their player, so I never took Gio or Gregg very seriously when they were asked about Gio not playing vs. Wales. There is no reason to expect any kind of candor from either manager or player in such situations. Anyone who expects it is just naive.

        The point is both Gio and Gregg are lying ( or more accurately, not telling us everything) about what was truly said in that particular interaction and of course, we have no way of proving what was said.

        What we do know is that whatever Gregg said to him, it was enough to send Gio off into a massive hissy fit and that kicked off all that followed.

        Before all this stuff broke given Gio’s injuries and his extended recovery I doubt that most people had any idea of what to expect from Gio.

    • Yes, he needs to still file a onetime switch to play for El Tri. All this means is – There’s just no need for Zendejas to make a decision (about which country to play for), any time soon until Copa or Gold Cup in ‘24.


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