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MLS Spotlight: Noel Buck shining in strong start for Revs



  1. Too bad he won’t be released for the u20 WC. Double edge sword now. We want the kids to get playing time for their MLS teams, but now these kids are important to their teams. I see it as a sign of continued progress. Some people don’t. I take a more meh approach when it comes to the youth teams. Very rare do you have more than 4 players actually look like real potential USMNT quality players from the u20 teams. It’s a very good sign that these guys at 17- 20 years old are now important players for their club teams here in MLS and abroad.
    Scouts are everywhere now. WC/ youth WC’s aren’t as heavily weighted in the scouting reports these days compared to 20 to 30 years ago. Of course I want our youth to do well at these WC’s, but I think a greater sign of progress for our young players and our program is how important/ vital they are becoming to their respective clubs in MLS and abroad.


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