Application deadline day for MLS expansion hopefuls

Application deadline day for MLS expansion hopefuls

Major League Soccer

Application deadline day for MLS expansion hopefuls



Today is the deal Major League Soccer announces the list of candidates to be among the two cities to receive MLS expansion teams by 2011 and Tuesday say several of the candidates revealed.

Here are cities whose bids have been revealed or reported as having been submitted already:

Two cities missing from that list are New York and Las Vegas. No word on whether those groups have submitted bids yet or if they are waiting until today’s 5pm deadline to put a bid in.

Two weeks ago I asked you which cities you thought should be up for the next two MLS expansion slots and Portland and St. Louis were the winners in the poll (though it should be noted that fans from both cities set up voting drives to stuff the SBI ballot box). It wasn’t a real surprise to see Montreal finish third. Interestingly enough, Atlanta and Las Vegas finished last in the voting, not Ottawa. I have a feeling that large contingent of SBI readers in Canada took care of their own because there is no way Ottawa should be considered ahead of Miami or Atlanta.

MLS will reveal the finalized list of expansion candidates after 5pm today, when we will learn if the Wilpons have decided against MLS expansion in New York, or if it is getting ready to win what should be a fierce battle for two (and perhaps four) upcoming MLS expansion slots.

What do you think of the cities that have applied? Share your thoughts below.

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