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Reports: Spurs ready to offer Carter-Vickers to Swansea City in swap deal

Cameron Carter-Vickers looks set to leave Tottenham this month and is reportedly on the verge of rejoining a former employer.

Tottenham is aiming to acquire Swansea City defender Joe Rodon and is set to offer Carter-Vickers and over $9 million to the Welsh club, several reports stated. Both clubs have until Oct. 16th to get the deal completed before returning to league action.

Rodon came through the Swansea City Academy and has made 52 first team appearances to date since debuting in 2018. The 22-year-old centerback has made five appearances for the Welsh National Team as well.

Carter-Vickers has yet to make his senior competitive debut for Spurs, but did feature in four preseason matches this summer under Jose Mourinho. He recently spent the 2019-20′ season on loan with both Stoke City and Luton Town, helping the latter fight off relegation from England’s second-tier.

The 22-year-old is in the final season of his contract and had been linked with a move away from the club throughout the summer. Carter-Vickers has totaled 103 domestic appearances in his five loans away from Tottenham, which included a stay at Swansea City in 2018-19.

Bournemouth had reportedly submitted a bid earlier this summer for his services, and Luton Town is also linked with interest in re-acquiring its former loanee. Carter-Vickers has earned eight caps to date with the USMNT, last appearing in June 2019.

Swansea City sits fourth in the EFL Championship so far this season, winning three of its opening four matches. The club returns to action on Oct. 17th against Huddersfield Town.



  1. See Ronaldihno below, if he was EPL level someone would have bought him or got him on loan. I don’t think we’ve ever heard of any interest from lower EPL teams. Doesn’t rule him out of the NT or mean he’ll always be in the Championship but that’s where he is at ability wise now.

    • Yup, the value of anything is what someone is willing to pay. There has been no shortage of opportunities to prove himself

    • your logic is confused. i am discussing his level of play, not whether someone wants him at that level today. my point was sporting and not business. i think his popularity at champs level suggests he is good enough he could play better. whether someone is making him an offer is a practical barrier and nothing to do with my soccer point. LANDON COULD HAVE PLAYED EPL OR B.1 ON A PERMANENT BASIS. DITTO POPE. the stars never aligned for it. your suggestion is “willing buyer and seller” reflects quality. “willing buyer and seller” reflects transaction. reflects value. value is not the same as quality. there are plenty of over- or under-rated players out there.

      • I don’t think anyone is saying Championship forever. What we’re saying is scouts have had years to see him he’s played probably over 100 matches at the Championship level and no one has made a reported offer above the Championship. That should tell you people don’t see it at this time.

      • Your analogies don’t work. LDs issue was his contract LAG, Pope was US born and trained so never had the opportunity at that time. CCV is with a team who has actively tried to move him for years and we’ve never even heard a sniff of EPL interest or other top 5 league interest. He’s got a good passport and has played his entire youth in England so no stereotyping either. Even with Robinson his option to be a starter was at Fulham who is a favorite to go back down next year not a stable squad. Fulham’s management even talked about needing CBs immediately and they didn’t move for him. Rather than you watching 4 NT games EPL scouts watch hundreds of hours of film on a player they’ve targeted.

  2. CCV started in the Portugal tie, France tie, and Mexico win. I don’t get the dismissiveness. he does foul a lot but he can actually mark. and surely you can see the logic gap between “can’t get minutes for UCL team” vs “rates out as only a Champs back.” if you can easily get a Champs job over and over, there is some room between.

  3. At this point I don’t really care so long as he’ll get a chance for minutes.
    It was clear he wasn’t going to break into Tottenham’s first team, so wherever he goes will improve his chances.

  4. I’d guess it’s a little frustrating for CCV to get swapped for a player the same age and position. But if it means playing time I think he’d be happy with it. If CCV is #6 on the CB depth chart why swap one for one? I don’t get it.

    • I think it means Spurs sees the other player as better since they’re also paying 9 million. For that price they at least think the other guy will be a role player.

    • let’s be real, he’s a 22 year old who’s been at spurs (nominally) half a decade and never played a league game there. he been loaned and loaned and loaned. they don’t care. this would be ideal as it would get him out of dodge permanently. they actually liked him at luton but wouldn’t pay the requested fee. all he needs is a new home and he’ll be fine.

      • there is a huge gap between champs regular on loan, and not playing at spurs in the UCL. you don’t know whether he could hack, say, lower tier EPL. so your logic is shoddy. for that matter, he was on the field for the france draw and mexico win, so i find your dismissiveness unconvincing as well. i get snobs want cute players who don’t foul so much. i like people who can defend, and the accumulation of actual results. i think he at least deserves on the team sheet. him and richards.

    • CCV has needed to move for a year or two as it’s been clear he didn’t have a long term future at Spurs. The championship is his level at this point which is nothing to turn your nose up to. It’s still a pretty difficult league and he is only 22. Very young on the life of a cb. A permanent home where he is valued and seen as a long term player for the squad is great for him. He still had a long career to step up a level again if he earns it

      • when someone can consistently handle a level on loan, yes, he might not be at the elite lender team’s level, but i don’t think that says definitively his only level is where he got loaned. his loan level is likely premised on assuring playing time for the loaned player so he can be evaluated. that is not the same thing as if he got a lower EPL shot — like Robinson or Yedlin — we know he would be over his head. i think relegation EPL is almost indistinguishable from what he can already clearly hack. it’s the top 10 or so that are on another planet. that being said, i think a transfer to champs ball is what he needs right now, which is a regular home to build a case.

      • The fact that he got 0 interest from Premier league clubs, but gets plenty from the championship speaks that his level currently is the Championship. However, he is only 22. cCV still has his best years ahead of him and has every chance to become a starter for the US. We are far from settled at CB, so he has a great shot to be a mainstay.

      • people would have said the same time-beholden crap about robinson before last year. “is championship now” = “championship forever.” like i said, y’all follow around club form at a far too granular level. just like robinson what he needs is a permanent move where he gets regular playing time for an extended period. both started out as EPL academy kids. both struggled to make their elite first teams. that means they aren’t top 10 material. they then got serially loaned to Champs teams. they can hack that level and got interest. in a year the “in between” teams will be interested. and you will be citing your cute “this year” caveat. i don’t roller coaster around, i can see talent. i can tell “this year” by looking at a roster list. yes, he’s about to get sold to the champs. he will be on champs level. a monkey could then say champs level player. whoop de do.

      • IV I feel like you’ve just said the exact same thing as I did. He is a championship level player right now and needs a permanent move in order to re-start his career. Hopefully a couple good years at this level with improvement in his game(again…he’s only 22) and we can see him back at the top level.

      • You’re also completely ignoring the fact that someone like Robinson made huge strides as a player in the Championship. He was a young championship level player when he arrived. That does not mean it was his or CCVs ceiling. CCV could follow the Robinson pathway by playing consistently, improving and finding himself a big move in a year or two.
        He could also follow the same path as a guy like Julian Green who took the step down and has found his true level in the second division. It’s not a knock on the guy, but he isn’t a top level player. At 25 he likely will never really make the leap back up. I don’t have to see Julian Green play to know that. He’s been in the Bundesliga 2 for 3 years? If he was impressing the actual professional scouts then someone would go get him. Guess what? He still plays for a small club in the second division.

    • IV off topic: we talked about the lack of a pipeline from NYRB to Leipzig last week, and I said it’s been a lack of talent but watch Caden Clark. They reported on MLS Extratime that there’s a clause in Clark’s contract that sends him to RBL in 2022. Also I read elsewhere that NYCFC out recruited the NY area and that’s why RB hasn’t moved anyone since Adams.


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