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Erik Palmer-Brown joins Greek side Panathinaikos


Erik Palmer-Brown is on the move to the Greek Super League in the latest chapter of his European career.

Palmer-Brown signed for Panathinaikos FC on Wednesday, ending a two-season stay with French club Troyes. The former Sporting KC homegrown defender signed a four-year contract with Panathinaikos, which will run until June 2027.

Palmer-Brown joined Troyes in February 2022 and totaled 57 appearances in all competitions for the club. However, Troyes’ relegation from Ligue 1 last May has forced the 26-year-old to seek first division football elsewhere.

The Ohio native came through the SKC academy before also featuring for FC Porto B, NAC Breda, Kortrijk, and Austria Vienna.

He has also earned four caps with the U.S. men’s national team after debuting in 2019.

Panathinaikos recently advanced in UEFA Champions League qualifying this week after eliminating Dnipro-1 by a 5-3 aggregate scoreline. The Greek club will next face Ligue 1 side Marseille in a two-legged affair.

Palmer-Brown is expected to make his league debut for Panathinaikos on August 19 against Atromitos.


  1. “if you know your history then you would know that…but to retask donovan and dempsey as forwards from wing. that solves your technical problems .”

    ??? Obviously, you don’t know your history.
    You’re even combining eras.

    “klinsi’s SUPERIOR answer to this debate was to not get caught in this buddle/wondo/EJ nonsense”

    JK was Wondo’s big booster. Wondo is NOT in Brazil without JK. How did Edson get into this discussion?

    “but to retask donovan and dempsey as forwards from wing. ”

    LD and Clint played forward under Bob. Or, more accurately LD started out on the wing and then went wherever he felt he needed to be and he was usually right. Clint nominally played some kind of attacking midfield/#8/winger role but again he was not easily categorized the way people like to do these days. The way it worked was that everyone, Clint, Davies, Jozy took their cue from LD. A very high percentage of Jozy’s goals came from LD assists. The next biggest batch later on came from Fabian assists

    When JK took over, Clint became more of the focus. Like LD he generally had a good idea of where to be.

    “and donovan is as fast as EJ but a better soccer player. both were available to bradley”

    No one, except for you, was comparing the two.
    EJ was available to Bob the same way Bobby Wood is available to Gregg.
    He could call him up by why would he? EJ sucked.

    The reason EJ might have been a good call up for the USMNT in the 2014 World Cup is that he had a real nice WC qualifying campaign. JK brought him in because, back from his Euro adventures, EJ was doing well at Seattle and translated that to the USMNT in WC qualifying.

    He scored the goal vs Mexico that actually qualified the USMNT for the 2014 World Cup.

    Unfortunately, after that goal he then had a very bad, very contentious contract dispute with the Seattle management that wound up with him getting sent to DC United in December 2013 not long before roster selections.

    And his form went to hell in DC.

    EJ was mediocre but he came back from Europe an improved player from the guy who went over there. And he was great for JK leading up to Brazil.
    If he had been there and managed to keep the magic going, he might have been a very credible replacement for Jozy. World Cup history is full of mediocre players who got it up for that one shining moment of glory and then were never heard from again.

    That contract dispute seemed to put EJ into a a death spiral and he never recovered

  2. wow that is some insane and wrong myth making below here. EJ was generally on the outs with bradley at the end of his term and aris didn’t change that AT ALL. EJ got called November 2009 BEFORE aris, 2 sub appearances. he moves to aris in January 2010. he scores a single goal for aris in like 6 appearances then gets his first “aris callup.” he comes in march 2010 as a LATE SUB and US lose. he gets 1 more league goal in greece EVER and then gets 3 cup goals. 5 TOTAL goals in greece. if he got an award for that, wow. he then gets a second call may 2010, plays a half.

    after that, he misses the 2010 world cup squad ENTIRELY and is not seen in a US game again until OCTOBER 2012. by that time he has bounced from aris to preston to fulham and finally after a rights trade to seattle, where he gets his act together.

    i mean this is one big counter-factual below of people acting like aris revived him and he should have been on the world cup team. it’s funny reading but it’s fiction or at best theory, not fact. anyone treating it like “oh, aris made him a big deal” is laughable. he got 2 caps right before the move, 2 brief caps after it, then forgotten.

    i also find the soccer analysis laughably inaccurate. EJ’s running problem was he would score 15 for dallas and 15 for seattle years later and in between get like 0-5 each year for years in a row. inconsistent. he had physical gifts but was sloppy as heck. he was also more of an open spaces guy and had no holdup ability.

    i find amusing the idea EJ would have been more accurate than wondo. you are headed the wrong direction towards shanksville with that argument. what we needed was more technical than wondo, not less. EJ could be quite the donkey.

    if you know your history then you would know that klinsi’s SUPERIOR answer to this debate was to not get caught in this buddle/wondo/EJ nonsense but to retask donovan and dempsey as forwards from wing. that solves your technical problems and donovan is as fast as EJ but a better soccer player. both were available to bradley. i think bradley had better tactics hence what we did in confed cup and could have done in the world cup except ghana game/clark. but klinsi could think outside the box when confronted with problem areas — at least in his first cycle. vs. say berhalter who will just go in pepi-ferreira-sargent circles while asking himself why doesn’t this work, isn’t one of you the solution.

    just nonsense and it’s amusing to watch people pile onto a fake argument about a very very mediocre player.

    • the difference between jozy/dempsey and EJ is they performed for the NT regardless of club situation and he didn’t. some of jozy’s better country years are bad club years in europe. dempsey was fine with the US even when at spurs or in the FFC doghouse. EJ had like a single – 1 – US goal over about 4 years while he did his european bouncing. he is more like bobby wood in the sense sitting and club situation affected him.

      also, it bears reminding that jozy would throw down a 20 or 30 goal season in holland in between other dumb career ideas.

      pretending they all messed up similarly is nonsense. the others could go through a club bad patch and still produce for the USA. which probably related to they were better skill players to begin with.

  3. I would have liked to see him in a better league, such as Holland or another team in France. But, since this Greek side is in the CL, it’s not a total come down.

  4. This is a step backwards, when EJ and Adu played in Greece for Aris, they were never called up to the Nats 🤦‍♂️. I hope he still gets call ups.

      • EJ- was a Greek League All Star that year. He also got 3 caps in 2010 — which were earned while with Aris. He would rejuvenate his USMNT career a few years later– nearly missing out on making the 2014 WC team.

      • EJ should have been on that USMNT considering Jozy got injured in the first game and Johansson was carrying an injury into that tournament. I would have taken EJ over Wondo.

      • 2Tone,

        “EJ should have been on that USMNT considering Jozy got injured in the first game and Johansson was carrying an injury into that tournament. ”

        I wanted EJ there and it looked for a long time that it would happen. But then he had some kind of salary meltdown with the Seattle management and got traded to DC United in December of 2013.

        I wanted EJ there and my perfect 20/20 hindsight proved me right but things looked bleak for EJ at the time. His trade to DC was followed by a loss in form and he basically just fell off the radar.

        The real question is why Jozy went but in those days the USMNT played favorites. Nowadays you know Gregg is all about merit pure and simple and if you aren’t playing well you won’t get called up.

        I also suspect a lot of people judged EJ for getting into a contract dispute at such an important time. but I try not to get between anyone and their money.

        “I would have taken EJ over Wondo.”

        Wondo was red hot and even Landon said Wondo was the best forward in the WC camp. But the article below shows the attitude at the time better than I could. None of us knew AJ was injured ( I think he hid it) or that Jozy would come up hamstrung.

        “Why Jurgen Klinsmann Was Right to Leave Eddie Johnson Out of his World Cup Squad

        JOE TANSEYMAY 18, 2014

        When United States manager Jurgen Klinsmann called up 30 players to the preliminary squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, almost everyone expected Eddie Johnson’s name to be on the list.
        To the surprise of many, the D.C. United forward was left out of the squad completely, as Chris Wondolowski, Terrence Boyd and Julian Green received nods ahead of him.
        When asked about why he left the 30-year-old off the roster, Klinsmann responded by saying this on a conference call with reporters:
        “He’s a player who brings so much to the table and has done so well with us over the last two years, and scored very, very important goals. And he can also as a left wing or a right wing.
        But at the end of the day you have to put them together make [sic] your ranking[of the forwards], and that’s just where you don’t see Eddie in this roster right now.”
        Klinsmann is right that Johnson contributed a ton to the qualifying efforts of the Yanks, but he is also correct in stating that he is behind a few players on the forward depth chart who had surged above him in recent months.
        That surge by the likes of Boyd and Wondolowski was helped by the inefficiency in front of goal for Johnson in the first eight games of the 2014 season with D.C.
        Before finally scoring on May 17, Johnson had not scored a goal at the club level since October 5, 2013, when he was still a member of the Seattle Sounders.
        Having one of your top goal providers not score for that long is something the Yanks could not see double of due to Jozy Altidore’s poor showing at Sunderland this season.
        Klinsmann needed to bring in as many in-form forwards as he could, and he did that with Aron Johannsson, Boyd, Wondolowski and the duo of Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey, both of whom count as forwards at the moment on the United States roster.
        Simply put, Johnson was not in form with D.C., and because of that, there was not a spot on the roster for him, but his issues go deeper than just the numbers.
        Johnson has long been known to have an attitude problem at the club level, but he has kept those antics to a minimum at the international level.
        While having an outspoken character on the roster is one thing, having a player whose body language isn’t positive when he’s not playing well in camp is something any team doesn’t want to have.
        Whenever Johnson falls into one his slumps, which there have been a few of during his career, he ends up looking disinterested at times on the pitch, which leads him to carry what can be perceived as a negative mentality to the playing surface.
        Johnson is also too hot and cold at the international level to be playing on a consistent basis.
        Yes, he did have his best year with the Yanks in 2013 with five goals in 15 appearances, but Johnson has not shown that he can be that player all the time.
        Since earning his international debut in 2004, Johnson has scored more than three goals in a calendar year for the United States on one other occasion, which happened to be 2004.
        The other predicament surrounding Johnson is where exactly he would play in Brazil, if he were going to receive any playing time at all.
        Johnson was lined up on the left wing and up front as a forward during the qualification process, but both of those positions are assumed to be locked down at the moment.
        Any combination of Donovan, Fabian Johnson and Graham Zusi is expected to be used on the left wing, and Johannsson or Altidore should occupy the forward position.
        At best in Brazil, Johnson would have been an impact substitute, which is why he had to be compared to Boyd and Wondolowski on form.
        Had he netted a few goals in the early stages of the 2014 Major League Soccer season, like Wondolowski did, we could be writing an entirely different story on Johnson.
        But that is not the case, as Johnson wasted his last good chance to be a part of a World Cup side. He will be 34 when the 2018 World Cup in Russia rolls around.
        Because of bad form, inconsistency and a questionable work ethic at times, it really should come as no surprise that Klinsmann opted not to bring Johnson into the fold for the World Cup. “

    • EJ was on loan I forgot that. That’s probably why he still got the 3 caps in 2010, because he was not an actual transfer. Adu I remember clearly, got no call ups when he was at Aris.


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