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Honduras vs. USMNT: SBI Match Night


The U.S. men’s national team takes on Honduras tonight (10:30 p.m., Paramount+ , Telemundo and Universo) in a match both teams are desperate to win after they both started the final round of Concacaf World Cup qualifying with back-to-back draws.

The Americans are looking to avoid a brutal start to qualifying, with only a win keeping Gregg Berhalter’s team from sitting near the bottom of the Octagonal table.

Standing in the way is a Honduras side that is playing its first home qualifier of the Octagonal, with head coach Fabian Coito rotating his squad thoroughly, giving the Catrachos a rested defense to face the Americans.

Here is the USMNT starting lineup for tonight’s match:

Here is the Honduras lineup for tonight

Here is SBI’s pre-match coverage ahead of tonight’s qualifier in Honduras:

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Berhalter leaves door open to McKennie return to USMNT

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on tonight’s match in the comments section below, and be sure to check SBI on Thursday for your post-match coverage.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Well, that was crazy. A relief. In this 3 game set, if this was a group, we won it.
    On to October. 2 home games then – pressure on.

    I think it’s time to be honest – more often than not, Brooks is a liability in qualifying.
    Was during the last cycle and is now. He’s not a CONCACAF guy.
    Keep him in Germany until we qualify.

    • He was injured in the last cycle. We had a lot of games he wasn’t even there during the WCQ. Missing him is one of the keys why we missed it. Now I agree Brooks has been brutal in the last two games but he was great against Mexico in the Nations League. So lets not act like he has sucked for USMNT his whole time cause thats not true

  2. I was half way expecting for GB to insert Yueill and play for a tie. But, when he finally got Adams back into the 6, things really fell into place. I hope GB doesn’t try any dumb crap like that again. Honestly he should’ve made that change after 20 minutes.

  3. Funny enough but these 3 games have made me think that Miles Robinson is our best centerback in this pool. Hopefully we can get Chris Richards in Oct.

  4. Whoever wrote this movie is a hack.

    No way do they come out at halftime and score four goals.
    My god did they just learn a little boy is dying of cancer and all he wants to do is see the US win 4-1 before he dies?

  5. Where’s Pepi’s cowboy hat? Gregg lives to see another window, ughh. I really hope he’s learned something about roster selection. Bring in 28 so you have them because in these windows we’re going to see injuries and for Pete’s sake replace someone whose injured.

    • I’m not sure what I learned from that game????? That might be the strangest game I’ve ever seen. US won 4-1 and I still feel like they were lucky to win.

      • Tele I don’t agree with that. You’re still thinking about the first half which was brutal. That 2nd half was all USA.

      • I think 2-1 would have been a fair result really either way but once we got the lead they had about 5 mins of energy and then they were gassed. The last two goals they were looking around like “can’t you just dribble over to the flag and run out the clock”

    • Bringing in a full roster is key. We lost way too many guys. Also GGG gotta make the early subs like he did today and like what he did during the knockout rounds in the Gold Cup.

  6. Well, that was surreal. US is right where you want to be with 5 point out of 2 road games and 1 home game but how they got there is troubling. Who would have thought US would score 3 second half goals in I road qualifier without Pulisic, Reyna, or McKennie on the field?

  7. Great job by Robinson, Pepi, and Aaronson. Redemption and revenge for Lletget! Adams and Turner did what we expect of them. But the rest of the team more or less failed to cover themselves in glory. We still need to move on, find another manager. The win is a testament to some individuals, not the way this team was set up. We won in spite of the game plan, not because of it.

    • Acosta put some bodywork in once he realized the refs had swallowed their whistle for the night. Every bit of wearing them down paid off in the late second half as the Honduran midfield disappeared.

  8. Can anyone figure this team out? What a flip from the first half, and previous games.
    Let me think about it while I make myself a Margarita to salute our MOTM.

      • Yes, yes, yes.

        He’s such a great fit- fast as hell, natural lefty who can whip in a cross, defensively solid given his weekly playing under siege in Premiership. Forget the club names on the front of the jersey, he’s a lock until he messes up.

    • Include the other Robinson – Myles. Played every minute and excelled. First choice CB in my book going forward.
      Tyler Adams – played every minute, outside of one foolish foul, excelled.
      Turner – again excelled between the posts. Saved a certain goal.

      Now where’s that rum?

  9. You know what you gotta give Berhalter credit for this victory. He made tactic changes at halftime and made early subs. This was a much needed victory

  10. What a difference the fresh legs have made. Robinson has been great. Come on let’s fight to keep the result now!
    Sands was really awful though. Surprised he was still there at halftime.

  11. So has the Pepi era begun? lol I don’t wanna do that but we really needed that goal. Pepi actually having a nice game. He was key on the first goal too


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